Right now I won’t write everything that I probably should

I thought the female who filled my teeth last time was possibly one named Rachel, who I knew years ago. I could not see her directly, though, as I was numb, and laid back, with my eyes shut most of the time, trying to stay out of the way.

Today I did ask her her name, and it was Rachel, but not the Rachel that I first tested some identity with – with her. I had considered the association of Rachel, and the date that I got the teeth filled. The fillings were significant because it’s been years, and because of my anxiety. Being cut (or drilled) into, and having work done on the body can be a spiritual experience. I said before that she has a nice voice.

But the timing of it was when a film that I connected with, spiritually, was released for home, 1/16.

I noticed in advertisements/teasers to gain attention for the film, Blade Runner 2049, that there is one where it shows teeth and hair. This is part of a body, of someone named Rachel, who was a ‘replicant’ in the first film, and a love interest of the blade runner- Deckard.

Maybe it is simply attention, but I was attracted to the (voice of the) female, and her energy. Maybe again it is that she paid attention to me, but that’s not only it – I don’t think. Maybe it was that I was in a vulnerable position, and this involved trust. But again, her voice, is sweet. Simply saying “voice” I feel I’m out of my depth, as I don’t know many words to describe the components of speech. She was nice. Her voice was sexy. I don’t plan on “asking her out”, although she did say she was making me a new man while working on a molar (ha).

Anyways, it was just that — That I thought her name was Rachel, considered the date that she filled my teeth, being connected in a story’s release– to another Rachel, that teeth were found from in the story (the new one), and bones, and then found that her name is also Rachel.

As well, one female commented on a post that I made the day I went to the dentist- I made a post in a group called Synchronicity about it. This female worked on a ranch, with horses. A horse is something in this film, that is important, to linking things, involved with a memory that triggered some questions, that changed a path. A memory of a ‘horse’ “broke”– a horse?

Her voice was love-ly. Sexy might give the impression that someone is intentionally trying to be “sexy”, but this was not that; There just seemed to be a loving to her. She is a mother of three, it seems, and one is autistic. She’s sensitive. She’s not dull.

It is probably not that unique. I’m just rarely close to people. But, this is not to dismiss that I might be more attracted naturally to her than I might be others, based on her voice alone. If I was blind, I could fall in love. Not to say I could not, now.

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