Blade Runner release 1/16

I got my canine filled after about two years. The enamel by the gum-line and half-way up the side fell off on the night of July 4th, or early morning of July 5th, 2016, I think. I had been in contact with, through a dating app, a girl named Angela. I went over there, gave her a massage, and then we had sex. She had ├ćon Flux playing.

In Blade Runner 2049- What was just released physically for home, a horse is an element in it. Today I received one (the first) comment on a post about the dentist, in synchronicity, and the woman has pictures of horses. Her occupation is listed on her profile- “Ranch Life”. Curious, after the dentist, I looked at his daughter’s profile on Facebook – we aren’t connected on there, but I saw her at his office, and she works there, and we were near in age at school, and connected by friends. In her profile, there are pictures of her with horses, including some kind of competition, and her first-featured image is her with a horse.

Delores is the oldest host in Westworld. I was watching Westworld when I “broke my mouth”; I was in pain for a long time, and still will be if I do anything close to the same thing (pressing food against or biting down on the front teeth); I had already messed up other teeth, and I had a method where I just pressed food against the insides of my teeth, to get around not being able to chew, but this has left me with many areas where I no longer can. Now I just mash my food, or let my saliva break it down enough and swish it around, using some surfaces to grind the food against, lightly. Dolores O’Riordan associated closely with the band, The Cranberries, died on 1/15- The day I first went to this dentist, after years of not seeing one. She had a voice that I enjoyed. I don’t quite know how to set it apart, and I don’t want to say something that isn’t accurate. It wasn’t that I was at all an obsessive listener of hers, and just the other day I heard a song of hers, enjoying it, and considered that I should listen to some of their more recent stuff…because of the noted affection for her.

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