This is not new with the most recent I talk about (Taylor)- The relating with robots. In-fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that as a boy of the 80s I liked movies like RoboCop and Terminator, and etc. There is really nothing that unique about my interest in these things, and relating with them would not be surprising.

Not to dismiss my experience.

I also related her with Westworld. But it was in a way in a kind of competition with another. Competition may not be the right word, but I found it hard to “choose”, as if I had a choice (but I felt like it mattered), between her and the star of Westworld. When I went to explore roads, because (in part) they were numbered the same as a gematria of her name, I found with these roads – I found it impossible to avoid (ignore) roads that were numbered the gematria of the name of the star of this show- Evan Rachel Wood.

Sometimes it seems that roads I take (“roads I take” can be metaphorical) following one, or with one in mind, lead to others, to consider them. But it’s confusing. As if I have a choice.

But she related to this, also (Westworld), in a video for her song, “Ready For It?”. It could just be going with the popular culture, resonating with. Somehow, I may have matched some energy. This doesn’t mean anything is actually fated, to actually fall to a place of rest with me. There just might be some kind of odd locking of things, revealed. This doesn’t mean they’re together how I might desire, at times, to be together with others, but it may prepare me for death?

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