385 years old

In 2367 my 385th birthday will fall in.

It may be possible that this is where I recently first-paid attention to the number, wondering about it. It may have come from considering relationships of this arrangement. At the time, I didn’t connect anything, even though the number looked familiar – this may be (what happened).

But I went on to associate this independently with one, and with what I had associated with her, like Blade Runner, as it came out on the 25th day of the 6 month, this pattern is made from 25 equal-sized (the numerals) lines, that make up the 6 symbols/numerals within, and 385 seconds relates to something related, as 6:25. 6/25- The date is the 176th day of the regular-common years. 176 relates with length in multiple ways, most memorable to me being that the longest chapter in the Bible (or Torah) is 176 verses.

The number associates with Blade Runner in other ways, such as that the longest string of numbers in Rick Deckard’s designation being 263, 2367 is 9 times this number…But there are other numbers in his designation (B at the beginning, 54 at the end), so I don’t mean to have a biased outlook on this, or to jump and say related, but in a way, things are close in thought. Rick Deckard in the story what Blade Runner was married to a woman named Iran. My closest connection with someone from Iran, currently, was a girl I met who was half-Iranian, who has a name-gematria of 176.

I had associated Blade Runner to one- Taylor Swift. I also associated the show, ‘Mr. Robot’ with her. I found that the day that I was born on in the year being the 162nd, that the number 162 added to the number of day that she was born – the 347th day, was 509, which is a number that may be recognizable in association with Mr. Robot (the show is centered around the “Five-Nine hack”, which took place on a date of 05/09). Mr. Robot is also influenced by, among others, Blade Runner (or it seems this way). I made the connection of 509 with her – with this show, and then the last episode of that season was on her birthday, 12/13.

At best, I need to say, again, that I have no odd expectations. I treat some things as independently. You can be in ways functioning with the Godhead, and teaching me – I’m listening to your oration…or what God has given you to show, or what God teaches me through you. You can be very high, but you’re still a person, and deserve the respect that I give myself (I did not intentionally do much to make things align in any way, but I desire connection). I understand how things are not as they may seem, sometimes. Sometimes, reality is challenging, but I (try to) remain rational.

These coincidences interest me.

One other that I just remembered – to do with 176 and length, Revelation 11:1 is the 176th verse of this book, and the words are as such: “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein“.

With Blade Runner, she (Taylor – which could mean “to cut”, or “I cut”, again) is touring this year, and the last show is the anniversary of the release of the last film (Blade Runner 2049), on 10/06.

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