385- A relationship

I found that my first relationship (serious – potential marriage), that the girl it was with was born on the 183rd day of the year, the second was born on the 137th day of the year, the third 45th, and the fourth was born on the 182nd day of the year. Added, as I did this with my family members, to find 888, 183+137+45+182=547. 547 divided evenly into four is 136.75. Again, if this were a day, if counted into the year, it might be said to be May 16th– sometime in. If the .75 is disregarded, and if naming the chronological day-of-the-year, May 16th would be the 136th day, but technically, starting May 16th if counting the number may be 135.xx, reaching 136 at the end of the day, so if it is an exact measure through the day, one might say May 15th, sometime around 6 at night. There are multiple ways to measure, and to consider. From May 16th, 229 days are left in the year- This is a number that is a gematria of my name, so I consider it when I see it. I might have a bias in some way. But I do consider 230 and 228, around, and 227, and 226, and 231, etc. Anyway…

By considering 547 as a possible day of the year, if considering the number, and having a question about a day of the year – In these cases I have when working with a number larger than 365, counted up to 365 being a full year, then adding the remainder into it to, working with that number. So with 547, taking 365 away, would give 182. As a day of the year the 182nd is July 1st, which is the birthday of my ex, and last person I was in a relationship with. I had also considered, prior to this, that July 1st is a day that is 385 days away from my birthday, if counting a number of days.

So again – I find this number in some relationship, close.

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