…can’t come to the phone right now.

I didn’t allow myself to connect this. I think it was around her birthday, perhaps on the 12th, where I might have been driving into the 13th, I dropped my ‘iPhone’ that I had been using since dropping my Pixel.

Maybe I don’t connect it, but it broke then– the iPhone. It’s possible that it was 12/13, driving into 12/14 (but then again – possible? not really – it’s possible that I don’t remember, it can’t be both times…I just know that it was around some date significant to her, and in a way connected, as in, one day into the next, awake through the times…my days are kind of half one date and half the other, in the time I am awake).

I just got the Pixel fixed.

On the way into town – I was going to get it at a place that fixed it, called Batteries + Bulbs – I passed a truck with a license plate of 337 (numbers…I don’t remember the three letters), which I had previously associated with light. After this, I saw a truck waiting to enter the road, from another to the side of it, and I thought it might be a cop. I was going about 60 in a 55, having just gone perhaps 70. When the truck passed, at about the junction of 27 with 227, I saw that it was a conservation officer.

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