From the dream, seeing the female I used to go to school with (middle, high), after (first time in a long time) – who I had considered ‘pursuing’, I saw this number, which I wrote about.

When I got home, as I was writing the post about this, I was “researching” – about her. I wanted to see where I had seen Maggie be called “Mags”– or some variant of this spelling, with this sound – If I had, like I said I have. I thought I had. Maybe it was just an association, and I mixed things up a little. Still to confirm.

But I saw her – the daughter of her, Maggie, in a picture that I had liked of her’s, where Maggie had a broken arm. I think I remember, possibly, that I wanted to at the time ‘love’ (as a reaction), but I chose not to, being a guy. I don’t often feel connected to people, in ways like I might be able to say I have. I have been isolated for a long time. Perhaps it was the identification with some base level. I can say it wasn’t inappropriate, but due to the potential that it would be interpreted as “weird”, I simply did the…like.

I don’t often consider the use of the “love” (Facebook), but I can’t say it’s too infrequent. Injury, and at the time I think I felt more loving. Or I recognized it as needed. I’m going to stop talking about it.

Anyways, I considered about the “connecting”, and how, in my last post – I questioned it. I also had considered that her last name is about something that is a, or at a connector. This is the meaning (buckle). I noticed the one post I had interacted with of hers (the female person I went to school with), that I know of, has her daughter with this injury, and that I had thought about loving. I went out, after at some point, to get my phone (that had been repaired), and I went to CVS to get some iso-alcohol to clean something with. Inside, a man I got in line behind had a hook for a hand. Then I saw another for his other hand. Two hooks. I saw that he was getting Arizona tea (possibly green tea) – I saw two jugs.

Outside, I saw someone I knew, whose last name has a meaning of ‘a sexton’, which means, generally, “a person in charge of the sacred objects of a church”.

The man with the two hooks was where I was at directly after, making transactions, seeing the 385, after I had gone home, after I went back out. The girl with her daughter were at the grocery, before seeing 385, where I got gas.

I had seen 385 associated in some way with (through me – in my processing), a name of Cathy. The one with the last name with a meaning like “sexton” has the first name Catherine.
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