I often see it from the perspective of seemingly much of the world (in the west). I consider that no matter what “damage” may be caused, that the correct path is to love, and be a great example for the future world, to mitigate whatever negative may come from sacrifice of identity, and some specific genetic type (what may come from mixing of races, for instance, such as the potential for lesser intelligence in offspring, than one parent-group, such as say Ashkenazi Jew, or Han Chinese, mixing with in some equal measure, Subsaharan African – these distinctions aren’t perfect; Subsaharan African can be many, where Ashkenazi Jew is a much narrower group).

I often think that no matter “truths”, of our differences, that saying them may be more damaging than just rolling with the punches, with the right idea in mind. That is, thinking of what we can do to improve, generally.

I often see it seemingly like others, and in the face of other racists, who I often find to be dumbasses (and often not…), I may defend the side that wants more tolerant attitudes. It isn’t that I am not, or that I am not for tolerance (and love), and it isn’t as if I choose to be “racist”, but sometimes, as ugly as it is, I think it’s kind of necessary.

I think most people are secret racists. It isn’t even that the races exist, absolutely. But there are clusters of very similar things, that co-developed, moreso than they developed cooperatively with others. It’s subtle. Even as a “racist”, I find it hard to really, completely distinguish, but there are differences that are meaningful between the so-called races, and I believe they do matter, if-even only because humans are weak and limited creatures and not always functioning with “perfection” (not to say God isn’t perfect). They’re often insecure. They seek to have their own voice heard, or hear it from another. Expressions are language, communicated through like-faces, more capable of communicating with like-faces. The shape just fits better…

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