In that ^ post (titled “thought”), I wrote about someone. She was the actress who plays Luv in Blade Runner 2049. Her last name, Hoeks, I also related with the word, “hooks”, myself. I thought that this is what it might be, before looking. Maybe so.

She said that she modeled her behavior, in some ways, off of Taylor Swift. I had previously associated her to this movie.

At 385W today, on the way to work, a song called “Eye” by The Smashing Pumpkins came to an end, and right after 385W, “Hook”, by Blues Traveler came on. So there was this resonance.

As I crossed by 385W, the DJ brought up the Sirius XMU App, and said something about not downloading any new apps in awhile, in kind of play– and to download this app. Taylor Swift recently released an app, and this was on my mind, somewhat. I thought about downloading it.

This was my first night back at work since Friday, so it was the first time I went through this process since writing.

Then at another ’385′ that I am aware of, near Nashville (address 385), IN, the time was 2:21. As I made an association of the 385th verse of Revelation being 22:1, if 405 verses are counted (22:2 for standard 404), I considered this as I saw the numbers.

I heard her once on the radio, coming on just as I was getting on the interstate 65 from Columbus, to go back to the pharmacy. The song was “Blank Space”. I was near Taylorsville at this time, and soon as I came to the exit, another song was on, after this one, by Rob Thomas, which was called “Hold On Forever”.

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