It may be that reality has changed…

…and that racism, etc., is in respects against the “values” of a modern society…I even go with that, sometimes, and don’t actively oppress any groups, except for perhaps in my dating choices (if I would date), or mating choices (if I had a choice, which I do), or if I were to interview people, I guess being totally honest I would probably find it harder to hire, if I had options to not, people of color, or people of other religions. I may still be polite to these people, though, and I would naturally be good-willed. I want good. But I would not “value” them nearly as highly as those I’m more bound with, as long as who I am bound with somehow maintains what it takes for us to survive, and “be good”.

It may be that at some point, and it may feel like we are near that now, that to stand against multiculturalism or whatever is ultimately against our core values. But I think it’s kind of tricky. It may seem that way, but there is still the reality- The possibility that this won’t work out for the better. And there are still the realities that white kids still outperform black kids, etc., in various ways. There is still the reality that people will subsidize others, and you will see trends in who is subsidizing whom. You’ll see trends that show one group committing more of the violence, and other types of crime, and this is reality, no matter the excuses. I think it’s tricky. I understand how “social justice warriors” come along. But I think they’re running off of emotions. I don’t think they’re peering through the fog. They’re frantically holding onto whatever they can find within, even if it’s really spikey and might stab them if they turn the wrong direction. I don’t know how to say it, obviously. I understand the fight. But I don’t think this is going anywhere good, the way we’re pretending there isn’t one, or the way people deny differences. The way people lack understanding.


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