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I am not rich. I am not without help.

Once when I was writing about what I have been writing about the last now-three posts, I went to the grocery, and an obese white girl in a big jacket and pajamas that had “Steelers” on them came up to me and said she was pregnant, and if I could buy her a meal. I said okay, and as she piled food into a to-go plate at Whole Foods I noticed the price was 8.99 per pound and she looked to be getting about 3 pounds of stuff.

So I ended up buying her about 24 bucks worth of food, when I expected to buy her “a meal”…maybe 7-8 bucks.

It is class-based, in ways, but race definitely plays into class. Race and religion, into divisions between people. But I definitely do not simply because someone is white feel some need to take care of them. But I guess, like I am not “mean” to others, if I have the choice, I would try to make life better around me, through various means. Feeding homeless people, healthcare, etc., it is all really for the greater good. It’s the world we walk through. It’s the world we have to deal with. But, this woman, basically, I wish I didn’t have to personally deal with, and if someone continued to “mooch” in this way, I would ignore them, keep my door shut, send them away, etc. She is in a certain “class”. I don’t speak as if I am somehow deserving of where I am at – currently I’m living in my parents house, again, because I have been in other ways unfortunate (health). It’s not about deserving, really. But I am making money. Currently I’m holding a job (thankfully, I have some independence, and feel productive). Ideally, our society is set up for individual independence, with the least-possible need for people having to look after anyone who is not their child, or aging parent, or sick spouse. We’re not islands, but there are natural boundaries between us– Some more than others.

Argh. Basically, it’s not completely racial. Classes and groups form within groups. I understand why Nobility wants to marry Nobility, Princes, Princesses, etc. Life is naturally insecure, and this is not a game.

I share with people who share with me, or who will. The aliens in the film, Arrival, help humans because humans will help them in the future. Altruism isn’t some magical “selfless” ‘thing’. Altruism is an instinct that developed because we are groups? Altruism people often call “selflessness”, but what are you? I am my family. I am my genes. I am my values. My values are probably largely the same as my family’s. They may be influenced by genes, or they may have served to keep these genes going, directly or indirectly? At any rate, dying for your child or risking one’s life in place of a child’s (your child, or your niece or nephew or grandchildren) is for the benefit of the genetic material– what “you” are. Working hard, self-sacrificially, for one’s family, and for the greater good of the group, is not at all “self-sacrifice”, because you die anyways, and the only way you survive is through their continuation. Altruism is naturally greater with/for those you share ancestry with… There is not really a such a thing as “selflessness”, and this is just one example as to why. Another is that you may shield others or protect others, because you developed AS a social creature, and what you have internalized as good and bad, and why you do things, is ultimately because of something, well, internal. Your “self” deems that such and such action that some call “self-sacrificial” is what is ‘good’ in such and such situation. It’s not self-sacrificial. It’s in-fact fulfillment of “self”. However, some have become confused. And some demand that we recognize ourselves as not just those closest to us, but say, Arab Muslims that won’t carry on our way of life. What a confusing time. I’m not saying we shouldn’t recognize ourselves in others, and that we don’t exist in these others, but not nearly like we might in our own. Their ways are not as conducive to ours as their own. “America first”. You die for those who are obviously those who you’re affectionate toward, or love. You would not die for a serial killer who had your daughter on his list as his next victim…you die for the cause of group – you work for the cause of the group that you are affectionate-towards/love. How is putting migrants from other nations with very different genetic make-ups, in respects (I know we share 70% of our genes with bananas too and 90+ with chimpanzees), and different ways of life, that do not favor what you love, above the interests of your own, good? In a way being for mass resettlement of these others is not much different than “self-sacrificing” for a serial killer’s gain, or mass-rapist. I mean, Islam basically allows the rape of our people. Why even take a chance?

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