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Monday, January 1st, 2018

I am not rich. I am not without help.

Once when I was writing about what I have been writing about the last now-three posts, I went to the grocery, and an obese white girl in a big jacket and pajamas that had “Steelers” on them came up to me and said she was pregnant, and if I could buy her a meal. I said okay, and as she piled food into a to-go plate at Whole Foods I noticed the price was 8.99 per pound and she looked to be getting about 3 pounds of stuff.

So I ended up buying her about 24 bucks worth of food, when I expected to buy her “a meal”…maybe 7-8 bucks.

It is class-based, in ways, but race definitely plays into class. Race and religion, into divisions between people. But I definitely do not simply because someone is white feel some need to take care of them. But I guess, like I am not “mean” to others, if I have the choice, I would try to make life better around me, through various means. Feeding homeless people, healthcare, etc., it is all really for the greater good. It’s the world we walk through. It’s the world we have to deal with. But, this woman, basically, I wish I didn’t have to personally deal with, and if someone continued to “mooch” in this way, I would ignore them, keep my door shut, send them away, etc. She is in a certain “class”. I don’t speak as if I am somehow deserving of where I am at – currently I’m living in my parents house, again, because I have been in other ways unfortunate (health). It’s not about deserving, really. But I am making money. Currently I’m holding a job (thankfully, I have some independence, and feel productive). Ideally, our society is set up for individual independence, with the least-possible need for people having to look after anyone who is not their child, or aging parent, or sick spouse. We’re not islands, but there are natural boundaries between us– Some more than others.

Argh. Basically, it’s not completely racial. Classes and groups form within groups. I understand why Nobility wants to marry Nobility, Princes, Princesses, etc. Life is naturally insecure, and this is not a game.

I share with people who share with me, or who will. The aliens in the film, Arrival, help humans because humans will help them in the future. Altruism isn’t some magical “selfless” ‘thing’. Altruism is an instinct that developed because we are groups? Altruism people often call “selflessness”, but what are you? I am my family. I am my genes. I am my values. My values are probably largely the same as my family’s. They may be influenced by genes, or they may have served to keep these genes going, directly or indirectly? At any rate, dying for your child or risking one’s life in place of a child’s (your child, or your niece or nephew or grandchildren) is for the benefit of the genetic material– what “you” are. Working hard, self-sacrificially, for one’s family, and for the greater good of the group, is not at all “self-sacrifice”, because you die anyways, and the only way you survive is through their continuation. Altruism is naturally greater with/for those you share ancestry with… There is not really a such a thing as “selflessness”, and this is just one example as to why. Another is that you may shield others or protect others, because you developed AS a social creature, and what you have internalized as good and bad, and why you do things, is ultimately because of something, well, internal. Your “self” deems that such and such action that some call “self-sacrificial” is what is ‘good’ in such and such situation. It’s not self-sacrificial. It’s in-fact fulfillment of “self”. However, some have become confused. And some demand that we recognize ourselves as not just those closest to us, but say, Arab Muslims that won’t carry on our way of life. What a confusing time. I’m not saying we shouldn’t recognize ourselves in others, and that we don’t exist in these others, but not nearly like we might in our own. Their ways are not as conducive to ours as their own. “America first”. You die for those who are obviously those who you’re affectionate toward, or love. You would not die for a serial killer who had your daughter on his list as his next victim…you die for the cause of group – you work for the cause of the group that you are affectionate-towards/love. How is putting migrants from other nations with very different genetic make-ups, in respects (I know we share 70% of our genes with bananas too and 90+ with chimpanzees), and different ways of life, that do not favor what you love, above the interests of your own, good? In a way being for mass resettlement of these others is not much different than “self-sacrificing” for a serial killer’s gain, or mass-rapist. I mean, Islam basically allows the rape of our people. Why even take a chance?

It may be that reality has changed…

Monday, January 1st, 2018

…and that racism, etc., is in respects against the “values” of a modern society…I even go with that, sometimes, and don’t actively oppress any groups, except for perhaps in my dating choices (if I would date), or mating choices (if I had a choice, which I do), or if I were to interview people, I guess being totally honest I would probably find it harder to hire, if I had options to not, people of color, or people of other religions. I may still be polite to these people, though, and I would naturally be good-willed. I want good. But I would not “value” them nearly as highly as those I’m more bound with, as long as who I am bound with somehow maintains what it takes for us to survive, and “be good”.

It may be that at some point, and it may feel like we are near that now, that to stand against multiculturalism or whatever is ultimately against our core values. But I think it’s kind of tricky. It may seem that way, but there is still the reality- The possibility that this won’t work out for the better. And there are still the realities that white kids still outperform black kids, etc., in various ways. There is still the reality that people will subsidize others, and you will see trends in who is subsidizing whom. You’ll see trends that show one group committing more of the violence, and other types of crime, and this is reality, no matter the excuses. I think it’s tricky. I understand how “social justice warriors” come along. But I think they’re running off of emotions. I don’t think they’re peering through the fog. They’re frantically holding onto whatever they can find within, even if it’s really spikey and might stab them if they turn the wrong direction. I don’t know how to say it, obviously. I understand the fight. But I don’t think this is going anywhere good, the way we’re pretending there isn’t one, or the way people deny differences. The way people lack understanding.


White Privilege

Monday, January 1st, 2018

I am what might be identified as “white”, as far as my human ‘group’. This means I benefit from being a part of this group; My identity as a “white” person, and recognition by others are part of their group, smooths my relationship with them. I am more or less accepted into this group, and it’s accepted that I likely come from the same background, more or less, culturally, and that what I value and my behaviors- They can be expected more, as I am known, and fall in pattern. I’m “normal”. Normal- The word-itself means “pattern”.

This is actually a great accomplishment, and it wasn’t always this way. Races and other words to describe separations in groups have existed, and still exist, since cells split, basically. Germans are not the same, exactly, as Irish people, and Irish are different from English, and it is much more complex than that, too. And perhaps awareness of the outside, further away, and then consideration of shared language and families, within, built some more unified identity, such as of “being white”.

I don’t know. This is complex, but I see it being used as a weapon against them. People are afraid of being “left out”, and don’t seem to understand why they might be. It’s natural. It makes sense. If you can expect a certain way of behavior, and shared ancestry can help with this, then you can plan for things better, and organize yourself better. Multiculturalism– or whatever word to use to describe things (diversity), as it is pushed in today’s society, goes against this. It goes against order. It shames people for natural behaviors…even if these behaviors are not necessarily “fair” to individuals, to shame individuals that happen to behave this way, due to the way they fucking evolved (and the way we all evolved), is victimization of them. The left will deny this, and even ridicule them for considering themselves victims, but this is what is occurring.

Basically, my thoughts just were: I don’t understand how my privilege of being a part of a family of successful people for generations…is a bad thing. I don’t understand how being recognized as white is a bad thing. I don’t understand how being “expected” in some sense is a bad thing especially when it comes to organizing oneself or ourselves in a society. Arabs aren’t as known. They are loyal to another religion; Arabs and Middle Easterners, mostly of Islamic backgrounds are “bound” to another path, ultimately, if we are to not be hypocrites. They cannot be “expected”. They don’t follow nor do they want to follow nor should they be expected to want, especially considering their different belief systems and cultures, our ways. So then why should we be expected to give it all away? Or be shamed? It makes absolutely no sense to me. In-fact this theory of us being pathologically altruistic at this point, that I read about once, makes sense. We are strong because we have this sense of wanting to help and share and equalize among ourselves. We are individualist, compared to the rest of the world. History has definitely influenced this, but Whites you will see donating to charities and helping the needy probably more than any group in the entire world. There are many reasons for this, and some of it is definitely health of the group, or the ability to…

I don’t see them as part of the group. Maybe only unfortunately. Unfortunate for others. They’re like, by virtue of their race or religion, in different classes entirely. It doesn’t matter if they’re themselves a genius or a nice person or whatever, if they belong to something else, especially something else which is in a kind of war against the main group. … they’re in a different class. this doesn’t mean that i think i’m better, but certainly i’m probably “better” to the vast majority of the population of Europe/U.S., in respects (this is just a fact of life). I don’t want Islam to spread (why should I be for this – if I myself don’t want to be Muslim?). I find it hypocritical to pretend that we can live in peace. I find it a lie. It is a lie. We’re enemies. The most we can have is a truce.

So many people are just deferring…kicking the proverbial thing down the road for later. They hope things will just get smoothed over, in the future, after more truck attacks, etc. after the average IQ has dropped 10 points, or 20. But for now, lets be polite! Because I just want to digest my food! Smile! Look at my healthy teeth capable of getting food! I must be able to find food look at my teeth!