Sometime before, possibly after my last entry, I thought about Sylvia Hoeks- An actress who starred in Blade Runner 2049. I was thinking about watching it (purchasing, on digital). Why I thought about her, I thought it came from writing about Danish genes (she’s Dutch, and I thought, from memory, that she might be Danish – but they are near).

I felt more drawn to look up information about her, while in the shower.

The first time I have looked at her Instagram page was then after. My last entry I write about body and mind, or mind and body. Her last post, she is in a pose, and talks about Yoga, and the last words in it are capitalized: “THE MIND TAKES UP TOO MUCH OF OUR TIME AND SPACE.. LET THE BODY JOIN IN”.

I also considered that her last name, Hoeks – the sound, like “hoax” (not to say it’s connected, necessarily, in any ‘real’ sense) – and it’s meaning, I thought and confirmed after relates to a “nook” or “corner”. I connected that my first ex-girlfriend (that I was serious about, who I considered marrying) has the last name, Calhoon, meaning “nook”, or “corner”, also, and that she was the beginning of my relationships with females, on this level – and that after her and the rest of them, I wrote their names and saw the first letters spelled out the word, “mask”. The first movie I saw with her was Blade. The second may have been Soldier (in theaters), which was a spiritual successor to the first Blade Runner film (I had yet to watch it, or know about it).

Sylvia’s character’s name, Luv, may mean “particle” in Sanskrit. Or it could mean “Love”, which may go with this- Love-itself, also with this, the fact that she resembles Rachael from the first film, who was Rick Deckard’s (blade runner in original) love-interest. And Love, as a name, may mean “female wolf”, which also goes with this character.

Replicants in the original film were said to live for 4 years. From the birth of my first ‘real’ girlfriend, to my last one (and youngest), there were just about precisely 4 years. One was born July 2nd 1981, and the last July 1st, 1985. This is 1-day shy of 4 years. After them I met one other who I considered in a way the same as the others, and who was the first that I told about seeing the pattern in the letters from the first names, along with numerological alignments of sorts (first female, in person). I met her 9723 days after I was born. There was a deadline I was to consider related to her wanting to remove storage – I was to help her, that came 9731 days after I was born. This was a cause of my messing up around her, causing confusion, and insecurity, with the confusion. 9732 I saw were numbers of Rick Deckard’s apartment, in the first movie. This person had just moved into a new residence when I met her. Storage was to be moved out, to there.

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