Danish DNA and happiness

“The results were surprising, we found that the greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported wellbeing of that nation. Our research adjusts for many other influences including Gross Domestic Product, culture, religion and the strength of the welfare state and geography.

The second form of evidence looked at existing research suggesting an association between mental wellbeing and a mutation of the gene that influences the reuptake of serotonin, which is believed to be linked to human mood.”


Evolution didn’t stop below the neckline (or in the skin), and 200,000 years ago.

Continuing off the last entry/post: Danes live around Danes. Danes have developed a certain way, socially, and feel safe around other Danes to some degree, that is certainly different from how others feel around their own or others. Government (and/or corporations/businesses) moves Muslims and Blacks in. For whatever reason(s), crime around these groups is greater. Many sociological issues happen. Danes feel less safe in their own country. Danes are still expected to give up more space, by whoever expects these things. More space, and more of themselves. The fortune they got to, or their families have brought them to in their group’s evolution, is used as a tool to shame them (“privilege!”), especially if they’re not giving it away, or “sharing it equally”, even with those who won’t reciprocate, or simply cannot. Danes, simply, have fewer Danes around. And it would follow that they have to compensate for fewer “happy” people. They have fewer happy people to rely on. They have more people that would get mad if they showed some ankle or drew Muhammad or walked a fucking black dog in the park.

If it is genetics, and if happiness is a strength that can be strengthened through genetics, and if Danes have a certain make-up that benefits them in happiness, mixing with others would not prove to be a “diversity is strength” scenario. It could be to the detriment of anyone wanting to continue something good.

Frankly, multiculturalism-itself as it’s being promoted is an attack on people like Danes. It’s neglectful – that these are people, too. It neglects this, and treats them as if they’re king/queen-gods/goddesses that have been around since Ancient Greece and it’s time for them to play fair. It neglects the laws of nature.

By this, I actually think Hitler “was right”, in respects. Or, at this point, I would almost be willing to set back the clock and see how things went, his direction. Because this is fucked.

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