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Friday, December 29th, 2017

Continuing from before – about trains. . .My first night back at work, at some train-tracks near a place called Fruitdale, the lights were flashing as if a train was coming, but no train was near.

My brother and his family stayed another night at my parents, and the next night (after train crossing lights) as I was leaving for work they were again watching The Polar Express.

I wrote earlier about a circle, and tonight someone with a spare tire on their car pulled out from 385W, outside of Rushville- This place with this number, and a mailbox with the name Berry near it. I wrote about a circle in relationship with some – not that I explained it all perfectly, but one was one I first saw or focused on and processed thought with this number- 385.

Today I recognized that my bank account ends in 385, as well.

Tonight as I was driving past a place called Bean Blossom, where I had for some time taken a detour beginning right before the tracks (Railroad Road) that came back to this road (135) in Bean Blossom, I remembered that it was the Dollar General store in this town that gave me the idea to upload a picture of their logo, and I processed to this coming from that direction I would be coming from from taking the detour. I used the Dollar General logo as my profile picture, and then I heard that one (associated 385) was suing someone for a dollar.

I also recently connected that my sister works for the same card company that the card that I saw the number 385 on, putting out cards at different stores. The morning that my alternator stopped functioning on my route in the unlit morning hours, when I had questioned what the number meant to her- Taylor Swift, and my car came to a stop right after an address of this number outside of Nashville- My last stop then, and my car was towed to and repaired in Taylorsville, would have been the first morning I remember being aware of her job. I didn’t connect it then. I slept at her house that morning waiting for my car, after she picked me up and took me there.

I also didn’t know I was sleeping next to Taylor Road. I sound obsessive. But for what I could be – I’m probably not.