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Monday, December 25th, 2017

385 483 (letters forgotten) last before turn into country, 483 later identified with something associated with serpents, and that 385 has been associated recently with one who has associated herself with serpents (who has been by others), where I first paid attention to this number, in this way (more observant, attempting-to relate what it meant).

There was a train that I had to stop at. I can’t say this is frequent that I have to stop for them. The last time was last week, perhaps, when I went to see Star Wars, going to pick up someone to go with me. A car with a plate number 551 was here. VR551…

Last week going to see Star Wars the train that I had to stop for was a The Polar Express ride. This led to my talking about an association from the train yard around there, next to this place where they crossed in front of me. There are refrigeration cars parked here, that don’t seem to move from the place – or haven’t, and they have her – The ‘first’ (in ways) association to ’385′ that I made’s last name.

483 associated to a dark nebula, called Serpens. US Route 385 terminates near a location that studies dark matter.

I came home from being out tonight, and there was a medicine bottle out on the counter (I’m living at my parents for the moment)– My mother’s friend’s recently deceased husband’s allergy medicine, filled back in January of 2005. There was synchronicity around his death, with crystals. Today I also thought about crystals, and gravity, from thoughts around that synchronicity (not to separate). Their address was on the bottle, and it is on the other side of Dr. Martin Luther King Dr in Anderson from the direction I turn to avoid a train that often seems to be there when I happen to do a certain route (work).

I had made a post in Synchronicity- A group in Facebook, about the train(s), and wrote about 385. I sometimes just stop posting things because it keeps going, and I don’t want to be too present, in this way.

That would be the last that occurred, more or less. I think I followed the guy with the license plate of VR551, for a time, and then went home, until later, when I went out to a friends, and just got back.

The synchronicity around the man’s death also involved a painting of Christ, and a crystal globe. Freezing, it began to snow tonight. It involved a female that I knew as Davinci, and who I woke up thinking about today.