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Sunday, December 24th, 2017

I was thinking about a post I made on Facebook with multiple different words or combinations of words, that all equal 229 when using a method of gematria. I poked fun at it, although I don’t mean to dismiss it’s use. I also found how many matches for gematria of many words are simply dismissed, in favor of those that have more meaning– those with more meaning are more heavily associated with certain numbers. Again, I don’t mean to dismiss, with this, use of gematria in processes. But it’s more than – I think – simply finding things of equal value through gematria and assuming some kind of equal. What I find needs to reflect something pre-existing in a way, or something.

Tonight I was thinking about this, and I thought-specifically about one, and a number I found from her name, with my last name. I was in doubt, and critical, and poking fun at myself, and then after this- The next car to pass me (not many were at this point) had a number of gematria of her name- 159.