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Another 229

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Omar Mir Seddique if also his name of Mateen is added (all possible known names) has a gematria of 229, in English Ordinal (alphabet cipher). This was the name of the male who shot/killed people at the Pulse Nightclub, on June 12th, 2016. It occurred hours after I turned 34 (at 10:03, on June 11th).

The previous night, Kevin James Loibl murdered Christina Grimmie in the same city- Orlando. She had just performed a concert, and he shot her during a “meet and greet” event. I heard about this in the early morning hours of June 11th. I had an emotional response to this. It made me not want to celebrate in any way my birthday.

Around this time I also read that birthdays in the Bible- That they-celebrations of them, are connected with mass-violence.

These two incidents kind of framed my birthday. Each occurred within hours of June 11th. I had an emotional response to Christina Grimmie being murdered. I considered her life to be valuable. I didn’t really care about the people attending the gay nightclub. I was numb to it. In light of Christina’s death, it was nothing. It isn’t that I would prescribe such a “judgment” against them, and I understand not everyone who went there is “gay” (thanks for stealing this word and perverting it’s meaning – I’m being sarcastic), and honestly, I can be a pervert, too, but that’s what I recognize it as…perversion. She was something not perverted. The nightclub was. It isn’t that I would prescribe this, but again, I am not that worried about it, especially in light of this person being murdered by a sick person- Her life cut short.

Kevin James Loibl was reportedly “obsessed” with Christina Grimmie. Grimmie means “mask”. Kevin James Loibl as Omar Mir Seddique Mateen may have a gematria = to 229, has one of 159- Which is a gematria of a name of female who I have some might say been obsessed with. I related this this way, as he was obsessed, I was obsessed with her, some might say. 9 years after meeting her I still consistently wonder about her. I also told her about a “pattern” that I related with ‘mask’… And I mentioned that I had considered that because the pattern was of letters that I had taken from exes first names’s first letters seeing this word from them…I didn’t know what it meant. I considered it might be that I was “gay” (or this was at one time a challenge I accepted…to consider my feelings – to seek what it meant, I have to consider options). Again, I’m sometimes a pervert, but I can’t say at this point that I am not attracted to women, and I tend to be most stimulated in ways by them. I question as a kind of test. I am open. But I don’t consider it the way, and I don’t rest with it. But I considered this.

I also considered that I was Christ after her. Before her I considered this as well, but fought the idea, or worked to make it work in a way that wasn’t offensive to the truth. I told one of my exes before that “I’m not Jesus”, when I was struggling with some kind of awakening (but I’m not sure I can say what I ‘awoke’ to). She was who I first started to see the number 23 around-in-time, which was the first number that I noticed or took interest in, in ways, and I later found her to have this as a possible gematria for her first name, and now her last name has this as a possible gematria (both alphabetical cipher but with reduction of values for letters to one numeral prior to calculation). I met her around 9/11, and if her name, Alisha, has a gematria of 23, hers is the average of the four who I may see the initials K., S., A., M., in and she is where my face started to hurt (in time and at her house, I remember, something between my eyes- Something felt detached), and she is the only person I met in life with my other’s maiden name, where these names also reflect the same number that I may have first found in her (mother’s) birthday, 227, as 2/27, 227 by ‘English Ordinal’ cipher from names of these females as I spoke them. I first recognized 227 through them, and then remembered or awareness was remembered that my mother’s birthday was 2/27. Donna’s name may calculate by gematria to 184- Like my mother’s in the same method, with my last name. This is 8×23. A voice told me that she was my wife prior to this. My exes – in them I had found reflection of the same “image” of my mother, in respects, and again, I found some image of something similar, that I first found with my mother, with her. She was the only one I met after the four (“mask”) who I…fell in love with.

Islam and my name in different gematria and 229

Monday, December 18th, 2017

I have discovered the number 229 to be a “gematria” of my full name according to the straight alphabetical cipher, or what seems to be called English ordinal. I also discovered that the number has been arrived at and focused on in other forms of gematria, such as words “love” and “fear” in Hebrew together in Hebrew gematria being equal to 229.

I found the number in another name, in another cipher, on a website that deals with gematria, of Taylor Alison Swift– who is someone I’ve found some focus on/with lately. Her name in ‘Jewish Ordinal’ cipher is 229.

I find it difficult to cross-relate these things, or assume any kind of equivalence or relationship based on numbers in this way; I tend not to give so much meaning to them, alone. I find it difficult to say the number-match would itself “mean” anything, let alone when found through different methodologies/gematria. There has to be other weights, or things have to be weighted in some way in the first place. I’m starting to be more accepting, however, as I see this number come up in places, from different methods, of the need to at least try to be open. I’m stumbling with my words.

But I find I don’t really have a basis to NOT consider the results of one cipher over others. I tend to mostly use the straight alphabetical cipher, however, or ones much closer to intuitive.

229 I have found to be a multiple x13 of the victims of the 9/11 attacks- At 2977. I’ve connected with this date, and things around it, in a number of ways. Related to terror, 2977 is a hadith number of Sahih al-Bukhari, which says in it “I have been made victorious with terror”, and has been cited as an example of Islam promoting terror, and of Muhammad being an example of a “terrorist”. I have found this to be fitting with 9/11, and it’s place in consciousness.

I found that “Islam” according to ciphers can give multiple different numbers. According to the “Satanic” cipher, Islam gives 229.

I have connected, in ways, with “Islam”– I find the literal meaning of the word to be attractive and true. But I hit a roadblock when it comes to submitting to another male, especially one who I find I would run in disagreement with, naturally, as us animals on the planet interact. In this religion that has been called “Islam”, one must submit to both Muhammad, and God. I’d much rather call it something like “Mohammedism”. Islam itself means submission to God, and in a way this man hijacked it and said it was all his…even though it existed, according to him and others, before him, and was the true religion of Jesus and the prophets. I can certainly understand this, and I have also considered that my religion is “Islam”, meaning “submission to God”…And I understand the struggle. I can’t totally dismiss Muhammad, or others. But I can’t ‘dismiss’ some of the most wretched things on earth, and I can’t take the sweet without the sour? I just can’t submit to this man. I have heard a voice telling me that I submit to myself, before. But I consider that God, ultimately. This is not to mean that I am God– this person who errors, and is imperfect, in it’s struggle to reach God, but whatever survives … this is hard to relate or maintain in my mind to see and relate with … whatever I can submit to is God given, and ruled by God. I’m trying to discern truth from things that would be confusing, and through conflict, I’m trying to maintain truth, as much as possible.

I’m not sure if I had any success at all with relating anything how I wanted to, or if it was all just confusing further, but I have been told that I submit to myself, and I have struggled over the fact that in a religion such as “Islam”, which means “surrender” or “submission” (to God), one must submit…to a man. I can’t, and I don’t even really want you to submit to this person-me. I want to find submission/rest in the system. I want to find where I submit to God- The way through. I understand I may be helped in that way, and even that Muhammad may be of help, but I just can’t fully submit to him, and him only. Wouldn’t that be kind of satanist? And submitting to myself, as the voices say, this seems to flirt with “Satanism”, as Satanists worship themselves, they say. But again, what am I without this? And how do I find orientation, without it- Or direction…I can’t exist independently, and I am not able to be separated (and I don’t really die?). This is not to tread into hippy territory either. I love my neighbor, like I love God, and I love the enemy, like I love God. But these are matters for discernment and based in reality…Certainly my closer neighbor is more supportive of things than say a neighbor who has a different culture and is on the other side of the planet, and the love for God and my next door neighbor and tribe would come in process by what is necessary in natural process before the neighbor who is say woman-beating Muslim across the world, who would be my enemy, more than likely, more than the kids I grew up with. I have considered it’s about cohesion. I still have a people, and so did Jesus Christ. “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. The woman then had to fully submit to him. My people come first.

Life is selfish. It has to be. This doesn’t mean that “self” is not something that can’t be seen everywhere, in all of us, and that all of us may not be part of God’s body. But the skin-cell on the hand doesn’t worry about the skin-cell on the penis unless we’re masturbating. Alright, maybe that was not a perfect example.

We need better organization…

Anywho, I found Islam to have a gematria of 229.

I also have associated Taylor Swift with Islam, and have had synchronicity with this association.

one Nation, under God

Monday, December 18th, 2017

United States of America
21+14+9+20+5+4 + 19+20+1+20+5+19 + 15+6 + 1+13+5+18+9+3+1

Jeffrey Robert Thomas
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