a reality

My interactions with Muslims have not been friendly or positive, for the most part. There is always a clear feeling of not being one with them; They are in our lands, in our society, plugged into systems built by my ancestors (and robbed from them or their children now), but you can tell they operate distinct from, only using the environment, not really contributing or at least not as a priority contributing to it or it’s people. They just don’t seem very friendly, for the most part, that I have seen…except the Syrian gas-station attendant who I liked. Right. My experience is small, but largely, I see a separation. I don’t see friends, or people I am in cooperation with, or who want to cooperate with me unless it is for them/their people first. I see people who would easily throw us over the boat, or stone us, etc. They are not family. They are not friends.

a reality is that I haven’t felt like friends (or in a social system with) 3/4 Muslims I have had direct interactions with. there is always separation.

Another reality that occurred is that a Muslim went through a process of subletting my apartment, and was giving me confidence that he wanted it. I didn’t quite fully trust this, though, and quite honestly, when I found out he was from Tunisia I felt bad about helping him (I was paying for the rest of December, and covering the costs to get him in– he would have had to pay nothing until January 1st). I would much rather help someone closer to home. . .if you know what I mean. But I wasn’t very confident that he wouldn’t change his mind or try something, and of course, he tries to extort a months rent from me, in order to take over the lease (he wants me to pay for January). I would rather throw a month’s rent away than give it to this person, or more preferably, give it to someone “more close to home”.

So, my closest most personal interaction with a Muslim involves extortion. Go figure. There was also the dentist. He was different, and didn’t do a bad job. Not that that is expected. But there wasn’t a sense of being as one, at all, with him. They can’t be trusted, in the end. They should not be a part of our society because they never will be a part of our society, and their society basically sucks, so that’s not an option.

Get out.

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  1. admin says:

    I understand the fucker did not technically in a criminal sense extort me, but the behavior-pattern is very similar. He tried to get more out of me, and probably thought I didn’t have other options, so he thought he could get away with it. Again, I would rather throw the money away.

  2. admin says:

    Also- Another adjustment: I understand I set things in extremes, and there are points there, no doubt, but reality is much more nuanced. I can’t deny the influence (or connection/indivisibility) of certain people who happen to be of Muslim background, in my life. On a case-by-case basis I can accept them. It isn’t even that I ‘accept’ “my own”, so readily, but I see how group-dynamics become a reality–how they remain separate (as a separate group, and “individuals” as we may wish to see ourselves and others, is not so accurate of a way to see things/us), and working not-in-our-favor, being a potential threat (even if by their inherent separateness, and what is represented, or asked for with this division) and that really, I would like to freeze immigration, and work on deportation of many. I don’t know what to do.

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