Carl got bit while bringing a Muslim back

In The Walking Dead, Carl- The son of Rick Grimes, got bit while bringing a Muslim he befriended back to camp. So he has these bite marks on him. In memory they are about where Jesus was pierced. Grimes is a name that Odin is associated with, and means “mask”. Carl is missing an eye, like Odin. Odin has been related with Jesus Christ.

But I related the bite with the Islamic message, and “zombies”– it may relate multiple ways. Like, how our society is rather zombie like, or sheep-like. Like how religion makes people this way, in respects. And when images of people making their way to Europe in long lines, in a kind of herd surfaced, the following episode showed a herd of zombies. It was like a mirror image.

And yes, they’ll bring disease. Not to say it will be strictly biological.

Carl had gone to give him food, feeling badly for him. Then he “became food” (not quite, but, symbols).

I honestly would at this point go for mass-killing/genocide, if they don’t get the fuck out. I go through a process like this, with these thoughts: I can’t kill nearly enough, to make a positive result (mostly all of them, I’m thinking…anyone who is “infected” with another religion or opposing or damaging culture, and it probably doesn’t stop at Muslims, or spare “us”), so I kill none. If I had the power to kill as many people as I sometimes wish to, I would probably have with that power a better option. So what is required to do what I want cancels it (or at least may open the door to some other potential solution). This doesn’t really come from a position of hate, but I am really annoyed, and afraid (because look at them, and look at all of these “cultures” that are supposed to be “equal” that are being rushed into the west– and they’re running from their own, or those more-like them). And often I wish I didn’t feel (so that I could be “cold blooded” and just kill whatever threat, without much of a second-thought), but it’s how I survive, or it’s how I got here, to perceive this.

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    I would say they aren’t worth it (the sacrifice).

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