when I got to work I had 229 miles range estimated by my car. I had followed a car with this plate number off of an exit just before. I thought it said something, and then saw it when near. Later, I saw that the powerball jackpot was 229 million, as I drove past a sign. I never play the lottery, but I considered it. Earlier ‘today’ I wrote about two gematria for my name, and 229 is also one-other.

175 miles was the range at 11:59, and 12:00 A.M. It had been, this day, a birthday of a female who has become of interest recently, to me. I just just associated the number 176 with a “length”, so I considered this proximity to the span of the day, this number near.

I thought about how it was windy, on the way to work, and how she is a singer. It was very windy. I looked at Facebook and saw a post made by a person with a name associated with the singer, asking about something about a power generator, and a Wendy had commented. Hers was the only comment immediately in view. I had previously associated her (artist/singer) with “power”/electricity.

I saw an actor in a show called The Notebook that I hadn’t seen since a film recently, that I in ways associated to her. I considered the name of this (“The Notebook”) as I drove to work, with my associating wind with her. Wind/”notes”.

When I got to my (first) destination, I heard a loud, consistently sounding whistling, like one might hear through trees, but it was slightly different, as it was effected by the buildings near. It was one of the most stable/long-sounding whistling I had heard like so, from wind, in awhile (that I can remember).

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