Sandy Hook / 12/14

I had previously associated something about this with females, through some synchronicity…

At times, I may say someone was, or something was a “first”. There are multiple ways first-experiences happen. I can say that a girl a few or four years after this was my first girlfriend, or I can say that a girl who had my birthday- Who was born one year after me, was my “first girl-friend”. I find it useful to separate them, as some relationships can be compared more easily to each other, like I was at a similar time in my life or with a similar ability to comprehend the goal. I don’t think I thought of marrying the one who had my birthday, when I was “going out” with her as a child for the couple of days I was. I don’t think I really thought of marrying the first girlfriend I had, in middle school, which was years after. I barely talked to her, even though I was attracted to her, and probably biologically capable of contributing to reproduction of offspring at the time.

Anyways, my first “girlfriend” when I might say I could be a part to reproduction was named Jessica, and she was born on 12/14. I just noticed this, although I have associated in ways the Sandy Hook event where children were shot by a guy who wrote in a document the shooter titled Selfish that “all women are selfish”, with females.

There is a closest-major highway to Sandy Hook, or the land-formation that is like a hook seems to point to this highway, called 278. 278 is a number that I found as a gematria of four names, using the first-legal names, of four exes, whose names have initials of K, S, A, M. My sister lives in “Sandy Hook” neighborhood, as well.

Jessica (meaning “he sees”) had a last name that may mean “labyrinth”. Her father was who I got my first car from. It was a rebuild. I had her mother for English when I got the car.

There were 26 people at the school that died by according to the story. He had shot his mother prior, and then the shooter shot himself after.

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