I wrote about not wanting to “force” something, one night/day, and then later in that period received an order for a patient born 12/15, which is the day the new Star Wars will be released.

But being honest, I’m not really that excited about it. I wish I could be, but I know it’s going to be “anti-white”. Sure, it will use white actors as stars- This isn’t really the point. A white female, also, to sell the film to a mostly white audience. And once again per the formula of the last two films, there will be very “diverse” actors filling certain roles, supporting, and the imperials may likely be mostly/all white (and mostly male). I may see it, but I will be curious about this. I wonder if they will have made it less obvious.

The thing is I want to enjoy it, but when I really look at it, I can’t like it. This has been the case with the last two Star Wars films, as well as at least Thor: Ragnarok, and the reasons are the same. They’re “anti-white”, and promoting dissolution of anything that makes us separate from them, and disrespectful.

The order would be the last extra order (where I need to know the birthday) that I picked up. If I don’t pick one up today before midnight it will be the last before this film’s release.

No matter what they’re trying to mirror, or attack, they are using “Identity/identities” that happen to be real, and cannot simply be written off as “socially constructed” (key- “written off”). Everything in this is largely due to the unity or cohesiveness of a group that happens to be “white”. It wouldn’t have been possible without it. Even the director, who is white, is married to a white woman. And most of these “Jewish” directors are also married to more-or-less white women. And they’re going to have white offspring, who look more like the empire that they portray as “evil”, in this film, than the diverse rebel-groups.

I don’t quite know how to frame this perfectly, but it doesn’t sit right. Add the fact of this portrayal of “single” identity (that’s white) with that the empire is more or less portrayed to be “evil”. They’re attaching unity of one identity to this evil (what if they were East Asian?..These are people!). And at the same time, the children of those creating these pictures most likely look very close to this identity. They’re hypocrites. They’re trying to make a buck. But keep using those white women…you brainless parasites. You really are like an infection.

Nasty mother fuckers.

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