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cannabis addiction

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

is real. the fact that it is real doesn’t take away from that there are much more addictive things. i notice i become depressed when not high, if i have been smoking it, where if i haven’t been at all for days/weeks, i don’t experience that. it becomes a dependency. this is also not to demonize it. this does not warrant it’s illegality. one could more easily make a case against sugar and caffeine. i am currently addicted to them as well; if i don’t have caffeine to start my day, now- after drinking coffee (i go through often about a half a gallon black cold brew plus a 12 oz espresso, also cold), my brain stays asleep in ways. sugar now, that i have had bananas at sometimes 20 plus a day, also gets to me, and i notice a drastic change when i eat it as opposed to when i have been restricting it (beans, potatoes don’t do what bananas do). i used to often eat only fish. i would eat two fillets of salmon with oil (hemp or coconut), per day, and that was about it. i felt more stable in ways. not hungry.

cannabis… i would like to start only eating it, if i am to continue using it. or at least vaporizing extracts.

On the subject of my talking about, or relating with people I don’t know

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Or those that I might- Being people “people-focused”… I should end that behavior. It’s embarrassing.