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Saturday, December 9th, 2017

After writing about this number, and relationships seen with/around it, I went to get gas before work, and this number was then the amount of range that was being estimated by my car’s computer. This is not exactly common. I can’t remember the last time I saw this number upon filling up (and I often pay attention to numbers).

I wrote about it with relationship to a female- Taylor Swift; I found the number through something of hers. I also found the number related to the last girl that “did me in” (?), in life, making me want her and think about her (not that she made me do it), in another sense; I had found the number first within the shape of a butterfly, and I wrote about the number as a road, with fruits, and then later the next picture I saw of hers that she uploaded had butterflies around her head in a crown of sorts.

I found that that this number subtracting 159- Her name’s gematria according to basic gematria based off a straight-alphabetical cipher, is equal to 226- The number of days after my 26th birthday that I met her. 159 was my car’s range this night furthest away from home, at the last stop on my route.

I saw 222 somewhere, but I forget where. I later saw 2220 as an address where I dropped a lady off at her apartment, after she asked me for a ride when I stopped at Kroger. Her name was Mercedes, and appeared to be Hispanic, with a very high Native American or “Mestizo” genetic composition. She was pleasant, and thanked me a lot. She lived at Laurel Lake apartments, in Greenwood.

There was a time last night when I saw a number of 165– a number I had connected in mind with the name of another female, and I sort of dismissed it, and noticed how I do operate with a certain bias, at times…how sometimes some numbers “mean nothing” to me, or that I’m focused on other numbers, but if I’m with this person that I have associated with a number, in mind, seeing a number in certain timing may prompt interest. 165 I first associated with Evan Rachel Wood, who I first found attention to watching Westworld. In Westworld, there is a relationship drawn to, by a creator of these “hosts” (artificial, synthetic humanoid “robots”…), with the hosts, witchcraft. After I decided to relax a little from bias, as I have not considered her, or I have not been focused on her, I noticed that a number of 394 entered view from my right (driving). This number I first associated with witchcraft, as when I looked for any association with it, that’s what I landed on, through a scene in Harry Potter that I found on Youtube, where a man says to turn to page 394, which is about a or “the” beast. I had also associated Delores- The character played by Evan Rachel Wood, with representative of some “beast”, or tied with some representation of it, perhaps as man goes to this place to fulfill certain desires, and more. 394 I found to be the day of the year that I was born + the day of the year that she was born on, so I connected this in mind- This number to her. Then directly after this, music by Foster The People came on- A band that I had also associated to her, as she made a post on Instagram where she and another had made a video with this song playing in the background.

…385 – 159 = 226, 385 + 159 = 544 (first association learned with 544: It is claimed to be the number of verses in the Bible that the word “holy” is used).