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Diversity is good for every race, naturally, in the west

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

-Except for white people-. All of these others speak a “white” language, and live in a society that has it’s main rooting to the “white” west. That is the foundation. You can find many things alike in them (whites), and many ways that things are smooth between them, and they can be said to be a group, if anyone can be in a group. But the fact of their large, and dominant presence, is threatening to ‘others’- Due to the non-inclusion of others. So for others, diversity is on their side, in this system. But their success depends on the “host” either being able to hold them, or to eventually “acclimate” to them, and by then, it may be something totally different (and perhaps undesirable…). It is definitely not a very “free” system, or direction we are headed in. Unless something changes.

I think it would be neat if we could choose genes to increase the I.Q. of children. I think that such alterations should be, or one could argue that they should be required to reproduce (that it is illegal to produce non-designer children). We can have sentimental feelings about leaving things up to God, but God kills people all of the time, and frankly I developed eyes and ears and senses (sinnnnssays) to avoid things that would otherwise kill me, or detect things that I need. So I’m not sure how this would be different. If we can head-off disease, and certain behaviors that make people dip-shits, then I think we should. I think God is ready for us to stop being superstitious about this (in the mean-time it may be good to make good mating choices, like always, and think about the identity that you’re marrying, and the “disease”, or difficulty, around it).

I am kind of a totalitarian, but I think that there is just one truth, and that as long as people can have it communicated to them, then it can’t be denied. And that if it could be (denied), that would mean “death”. This doesn’t necessarily translate directly to mean that we should kill them, but we should seek to kill the threat – in whatever way possible (but, sometimes, yes, good arguments work the best- Not just killing). What I may mean by death, really, is that simply, things could not exist without existing in a kind of “observance”, or submission to “the way” (truth, God, love- What allows it to continue, what increases), which is always there. It’s like a fundamental law that nothing can exist without being in submission, or itself being formed by submission to this. This is how I have interpreted, in good faith, what some of the harshest things in Islam have seemed to say, like about apostasy (and dying if one leaves the “faith”…but, there is actually a directive to kill, and I can understand this, but honestly, you fuckers are full of yourselves, and you-yourself must STRUGGLE to submit, even/especially if it means fighting Muhammad, perhaps like Jacob wrestled the angel?…and like so many wrestled).

I simply want to arrive at the same conclusion, and learn a way where we can all have “cake” (but do so intelligently). I also feel rewarded for diverse interactions, and when I travel to meet others. I am not saying that “diversity is bad”. But as it is driven by this not fair, and not balanced system, it is just really messed up right now. We’re all being thrown under the bus.


Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

-What group does this word have the most power over?

I’m a racist

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

but it’s complicated. I may see what you mean, and I may even be able to argue “your side” better than you can, because I’ve been back and forth so many times in my own mind on this. what is identity? i know- It’s largely fake/false, and dreamed up. imitation of something we don’t even really understand. putting on a face. wearing a colorful flag (or keeping it around us, on our buildings, uniforms, etc). sometimes being quirky just to be quirky. but there is also reality. I don’t trust certain others as much. I’d prefer to be around whites. I’d prefer to do business with other whites. I’d prefer to help other whites. Because they are more likely to help me. And they are less likely to suck from me. And they are more likely to mirror me, and my efforts. They’re more likely to be able to, for various reasons. It begins with language, and identifying what is common. Language can be a big barrier, and we still have “body language”, which does also include, or is effected by different identities. white man. black man. muslim. whatever people are calling themselves these days, are often very intimate with identity, and how people look. there are just so many issues.

we should be separated, respectfully.
this isn’t good for whites- This way of life. I’m not saying we should be absolutely separated, or as if that is even possible, but what might be possible is recognition that there are groups, and learning and spread of knowledge- That cohesion matters, intelligence matters (and average intelligence matters), religion/belief matters just as much as the law (it is basically the law), and it really doesn’t make sense to entertain the debunked idea that religious freedom can actually exist.

yes, democrats want voters. and people in power want their hands in government/control. hopefully there is something that will fucking cut the dependence on others– That will be able to localize things again. Where we can say “fuck you” to the system (that forces us to make up for the “cheap labor”), and plug in again with reality. Truly value what is valuable. It makes no sense what European countries are doing.

Again, I see why they (we) have done it. It’s the economic system, really. It’s this availability and competition. Things can be spread so quickly, and natural borders have been knocked over. And it’s pretty much the dark side of “success” that has occurred in the west…

I’d like to respect each other. I’d like to be able to depend on my society, around me, if we weren’t getting trucks to grocery stores every day. I’d like to have local producers of machines. People who learn how to construct high-enough technology, in-house. We can really do it, I mean we did do it, before.

I guess I want something very worth it, to come along, and empower individuals, to where Muslims don’t fucking feel like going to Europe because they will no longer be controlled by more powerful and more intelligent Muslims around them. This is what “loving the enemy” can do. It makes them less of a threat to you. Teach a man to fish, he won’t steal yours by murdering you and your family. Etc. Love is an action, and a thought. It is affection for what is good. This doesn’t mean “self-sacrificing” your entire clean-air dome, because you feel “bad” that EVERYONE ELSE ESPECIALLY BROWN PEOPLE (feel bad!), is suffering. What the hell good are you if you’re dead too? A doctor working around a quarantined area wears a suit. We need borders, and we need to realize what breaks them down, and if it’s really worth it (breaking down)- And what they break down into.

Resentment resentment resentment (shame). No. I am life. I eat. I’d like to continue eating, and reproducing. White man went to the moon before they were multicultural. And total racists allowed that (former Nazis). “German Engineering”. A place is it’s people. Will they still be able to say “German Engineering” when they’re Syrian (not to say Syrian people are incapable, but probably not while they’re sucking the teet of this other group, “under them” and technology more localized around their ecosystem– And their survival pretty much depends on their being accepted, and Germans making sacrifices for them)?

I hope for a kind of technology that will halt this “necessity” for people to flood to the west, and for some of the smartest(?) people in the west to flood to cities. Something that will make it so people don’t have to be slaves to a system, just to survive- Where things won’t be able to be held over them any longer. In the mean-time, I hope that whites will make smart decisions to ensure the survival of their race (and/or what is actually good for “us”, long-term). I don’t necessarily define it so rigidly, as we are all blendings of many people, from many places, but some things are easier to integrate than others. There are many reasons, socially, and biologically.