I just realized something.

It was while I was driving on a road that has one name of Spearsville Rd. The last town before 135 on this road from Bean Blossom is Spearsville. I have to take this detour currently, due to construction. I was going I-65 to Columbus and then west on 46 to Nashville, but this way is the way I usually went- 135. It’s a more peaceful ride. More of a straight shot – not as high speed. Country.

I just realized that this was the route I normally took first, on my route- 135 (State Road). I was going to stop running this route the Friday before the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest concert, and start another that Monday- That I did, but then went back to this route. Stephen Paddock was in room 135.

There is something called October Horse in ancient Roman religion. It is sacrificed with a spear. This shooting happened on October 1st. His name, Paddock- Means an enclosure where horses can run (most often it refers to a place where horses are).

I had made other connections to this – what happened in Las Vegas.

A couple of years before the shooting, 887 days or so, I went to see a girl – who I was with in a Mr. Paddock’s class- In 6th grade. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. She had lots of tattoos, and her first one was a horse. I made a post about this, then, and wrote about taking an order for work when I got back, picking up on Post Rd/Exit 91. It was the first comment in the thread about going to see her- Information I added. The day after the shooting, when at work, on my way home from doing my new route, I made a run picking up at this same location- Exit 91/Post Rd. I rode with a guy that night – nobody had ever ridden with me on a route, from work – his birthday was the same as Jason Aldean’s- The singer when the shooting started.

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