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android “woman”

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

I was having a dream that I was with an android “woman”. I don’t remember much of it. I think I was sad that she was not real. She may have had an expiration “date”– A predetermined lifespan. I’m not sure why she would. I know it seems like Blade Runner, but I don’t understand why she would only live so long, and don’t know if she was even “alive” like replicants seem to be, or mechanical. It seemed like she might be “mechanical”… An actual robot. I woke up to my phone vibrating on the table. At this time, she had started to put her mouth around my fingers, in a sexual way.

I just realized something.

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

It was while I was driving on a road that has one name of Spearsville Rd. The last town before 135 on this road from Bean Blossom is Spearsville. I have to take this detour currently, due to construction. I was going I-65 to Columbus and then west on 46 to Nashville, but this way is the way I usually went- 135. It’s a more peaceful ride. More of a straight shot – not as high speed. Country.

I just realized that this was the route I normally took first, on my route- 135 (State Road). I was going to stop running this route the Friday before the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest concert, and start another that Monday- That I did, but then went back to this route. Stephen Paddock was in room 135.

There is something called October Horse in ancient Roman religion. It is sacrificed with a spear. This shooting happened on October 1st. His name, Paddock- Means an enclosure where horses can run (most often it refers to a place where horses are).

I had made other connections to this – what happened in Las Vegas.

A couple of years before the shooting, 887 days or so, I went to see a girl – who I was with in a Mr. Paddock’s class- In 6th grade. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. She had lots of tattoos, and her first one was a horse. I made a post about this, then, and wrote about taking an order for work when I got back, picking up on Post Rd/Exit 91. It was the first comment in the thread about going to see her- Information I added. The day after the shooting, when at work, on my way home from doing my new route, I made a run picking up at this same location- Exit 91/Post Rd. I rode with a guy that night – nobody had ever ridden with me on a route, from work – his birthday was the same as Jason Aldean’s- The singer when the shooting started.