I had a dream that involved a “a lot” of what is called “anal sex” (I have technical issues with calling the act sex). I woke up from this. There was also a lot of violence, and courier-ing.

At the end of the dream, someone was shot (out of many), and there was some humor. There was a crab-type creature, and a man said “you’re an alien!”. I am not sure if I wasn’t somehow this crab-like creature.

I went back to sleep, at this time, after going to pee. I didn’t want to yet be awake, as the house I am at is my parents – and my brother, his wife, and their kids are here, and I didn’t feel like interacting yet. I hoped they would be gone when I woke up.

I woke up again to my brother’s wife yelling at her daughter, in a way that I would consider out-of-control, emotional, and emotionally-abusive. She was spanking her. I shook my head, and opened up Instagram on my phone, to see the first post- Made by my brother, holding out in his hand a model-toy of a Romulan Warbird (from Star Trek) that I had gotten years ago, when I was a child.

I made a connection of asses, violence, and now-perhaps some uncontrolled sexuality, as I have never believed my brother made the right choice with this woman. I considered at this time that she was a “horrible person” – for what I just heard. They both have emotional problems and should not be parents. . . Not to say there aren’t worse out there.

I also thought of a female – before sleeping the time when I woke up, before I woke up to my brother’s wife beating her daughter. I remembered, with relating with the dream, something related to “anal” – with her. Once, when I made an expression related to this, the next day there was an article of news- Where she claimed that police checked her ass for drugs. I won’t say how I made the association, in the first place.

My brother and his wife when I went downstairs both claimed, as they were filling their plates, that they don’t eat a lot. They’re both overweight. It’s not really just how much you eat- It’s what you eat, too. It started with his wife asking for special attention – perhaps to redirect from what a horrible person she is… My mom said something about not liking it being cold – happy that it was to be warm, and then my brother’s wife said “I don’t like being fat”, and proceeded to make excuses, saying she was going to work on not being fat (not attacking her for being fat, but their excuses aren’t really satisfactory).

I made this post, without these words in this paragraph. I consider also that “Cancer” is represented by a crab (I dreamt of a crab), in astrological signs. My brother’s wife is in remission from cancer. One of my first reactions to her behavior (more than necessary emotional response, and more than necessary spanking) was to say, to myself, that they would be better off if she just “bit it”.

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