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God of thunder?

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

I recognize the word God as singular – God can only be one. Sometimes I feel like I’m acting when I say that (going from memory), but I don’t consider that anything can come before the one true God. It’s always present, in everything, in every process. God is.

But I had a thought last night, while driving- It said “God of thunder”, that I am. I had gotten mad about a movie that had been made that is supposed to be about Thor. I got mad because I felt it was insulting. I didn’t feel it was insulting for bad reasons. It insulted life-itself. It was disgusting. I wrote about it.

As I drove, I didn’t turn on the radio, until about an hour in, or so. Perhaps longer. I don’t honestly remember when I turned on the radio, but the first song that was on was called “Thunder”, by Imagine Dragons.

I can’t say I really wanted to hear it, but I let it play for awhile, because of what I had just been writing about, and had been mad about, that I was still thinking about – and continued to think about.