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719, quartz…

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

I found that the days between the birth of a female and mine was 719, and in research about this this number I noted the fact that the minute and second hand are in the same place on an analog clock 719 times per 12 hours. I considered how long it’s been, and how I tend to still think of her.

I also thought of the first number that I remember remembering in life – that was a compound sort of number like this, 917- Or 9:17 (sounded “nine seventeen”- I remember). 9:17 in Revelation is a verse that my friend pointed to one night when we were experimenting- To see if we were “prophets”. This was the first attempt, and I was the one to attempt to visualize what was pointed to, without knowing, and I seemed to be rather accurate. I have tried to dismiss this on the basis of- That I had an image of this book in my mind, and this was pretty much it- Possibly, but then I have to argue that my friend didn’t know that this was my image (although, again, to argue- It may be common, as it was one of war, and fire). I also later found that this is the only verse that the word “vision” is used in the book of Revelation. My friend also claimed, or claimed to me that my eyes were changing colors, which I as an adult have to rationalize was probably his picking up the colors that exist reflected off of watery eyes, and being excited, and more attentive to the situation (and my eyes aren’t without color, to begin with).

With the girl- She had me hold eye-contact with her for an extended, not-quite-natural amount of time. I have to say- At the time, especially, when I had no idea what was causing certain anxiety, this was especially difficult for me to do, but I did it, uncomfortably. It was the longest I had with anyone. So I have sort of related this, as well.

She is why I bought crystals- Although I never bought a lot, and don’t really “believe” in a lot, either (I like to keep things more simple). Today- After posting about the above- 719 days between us, and 719 meetings of the second and minute hand in 12 hours on an analog clock, I slept, and then I left early for work, and on the way to work I was looking for something in my car- Not finding it, but seeing a quartz crystal that I had bought years earlier, keeping there in my car in a compartment in the door, and then I put my eyes back on the road from this, and saw numbers of 611, which were a kind of reversal of the date as we write it here, 11/6, and 6/11 is my birthday (I considered this first, after the quartz- Which relates closely with timing-devices).

Prior to leaving for work, my parents were on the phone with Apple Support, trying to get rid of some malware. Again- I am staying with them until I might find a new place, that I can live in without feeling intoxicated in a bad way, or other reactions. The person helping them was talking about the back-up device- The “Time Machine”.

On the way to work, I saw numbers 844 align first at a location that I associated with one- Who I associated with her, and who recently zeroed all of her social media accounts out, adding an image of a snake’s tail on the date of the solar eclipse, and then more after. Donna- The one who I refer to being born 719 days after me was also born on the day of one. 844 I had just found to be a kind of permutation of, by using time as a guide to measure the numbers by (60…), the number 524- The address where I met her (Donna). This may be explained by finding that 524 seconds/minutes is 8:44. When I found this correspondence of number, first-recently (I have found it previously), I thought of one, whose last name, Buckles, relates with something being bound/connected. I investigated the last time we talked- I found it was 8:44 A.M.- My sister’s birthday in 2015, was the last message she sent to me (I didn’t respond, for some reason).

I associated the location to the one because of a number of 385 being there- Being the only 385-number that I see on the way to work, from here. It’s on US 52. The next solar eclipse will occur on my parent’s 52nd wedding anniversary. 385 I associated with her as it was on a card by her- That I saw when looking for cards for my sister’s birthday. I had frozen in front of it, not paying a lot of attention consciously- Just stopping. Then I saw her image in front of me, so I looked, and saw 385 inside a butterfly-image on the back of the card, and this led me to question what it meant to her. On a day when I consciously did-this, my car’s alternator stopped functioning, and battery died, leading me to coast down a road, coming to a stop right after passing an address of 385, near Nashville, IN- Where I was to deliver to last that night. I carried the totes with pharmaceuticals the rest of the way, and the first name I remember reading in there as a patient name, in the orders I brought, was Gamble. I had earlier that day also considered gambling- I remembered the one time I did made me feel “dirty”- A bad feeling. Donna- Who I say I kind of associated the one associated with 385 with, where at the location today associated with her (385w outside of Rushville) I saw 844- First associated through a number found through Donna, also is now in Las Vegas- A place associated with gambling.

Also- With 385- I found that the 385th verse of Revelation is 22:1. Taylor (385 associated through) is dating a guy- Who is born on 2/21, which is the 52nd day of the year… I was jealous, in a way, irrationally- The night before a man born 2/21 shot people at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I turned myself off, or tried to, to paying attention. She had released a new song, and I didn’t consider that there was a reason for me to pay attention. I understood I may also be jealous, but I do fight for some kind rationality, in my life. And I don’t really like to waste energy. I do unconditionally love, at this point- But it took identifying love in a different way than I had. I have affection for what is good. Love/God is good, and understanding it, understanding is good. I don’t consider where my attention goes to be good, sometimes. If this person is seeing someone, and it is good- Good. But sometimes, where I would normally not be jealous, I am led into places, or by certain attention, and fall into it. I don’t want to, so I resisted investing my attention to her. I can do it like a scientist, but it’s sometimes hard to stay detached, when things happen so “close”.

On the way back, at about 385W, both my range and time might have been about 345 (3:45).

Back forward, to work, I remember seeing 844 on the loop-I-465 around Indy, at a location that I have associated most closely with her- With Donna. As there was a lot of traffic at this time, I only caught this in this moment, or noticed where I was with- Just after seeing a car with this plate number (and three letters that I don’t remember).

Coming back that direction I remember, later- When going back to the pharmacy after my route seeing numbers 514 on a car prior to this location, associated with her, and 514 I first think of Robert Zemeckis- Who created Back to The Future, as his birthday is 5/14. At the pharmacy/warehouse, after finishing up inside, in my car as I was about to leave, it on- “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears came to an end, with lyrics, “Time Flies”.

I saw 8044 another time, near-perhaps the location where I most-associate with her (she used to work there, when I met her). This must have been as I was on my route- Starting it.

Candlebox, “Far Behind” came on just as I passed a location associated with the one- Associated with 385, prior to reaching my first destination for my route (where I stopped by 385 before). This location has her name, and it’s where my alternator was replaced. Also, Associated- Ass. I smacked one on the ass, and she punched me. I was thinking of her in a way that was unique, and in focus, with this in a kind of focus- Prior to the other coming to my attention- There was a case about a guy grabbing her ass, and she was in court over it. This was when-about my hands/wrists got injured (carpal tunnels), and haven’t been the same since.

I sometimes wonder if I am in hell. But I think that would be wrong to assume, or to make a conclusion, stopping there.

Hell means “cover”. Maybe just open the cover? Un-cover….


I already know it. But this world is not….


I came to 524, going to 844, finding the sum of numbers from the cover of my Bible- First noticing the longest string equaled 23- The first number that I thought I saw something with (perhaps besides 9:17)- Then adding the gematria of letters to the numbers. Cover- Eclipse.