I haven’t seen anyone carrying a Bible in awhile. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone out, carrying something that seemed to be a Bible. This time it was as I was leaving the house- My parent’s house; A neighbor’s son (seemingly) was arriving to their house, and as I left he was getting out of the van from the driver’s seat and I noticed a book in his hands, that looked like a Bible.

Last night, I posted images of a Bible on Facebook- Where I had related it with things, and calculated gematria from it’s letters (and adding the numerals/numbers together with the gematria-sums of letters). I had never done this before.

Today there was the deadliest church shooting in history. 26 people were killed (this is the number so far), by a 26-year-old male (he would count as 27 dead, but I don’t like counting killers in the same number).

I wrote about a community with the name “paint”, last night, that is in Somerset County, PA- Where Flight 93 crashed. I related it being where it was, the closest name on the map shown toward a northern border in this county, with the fact that the recent attack in NYC where a “Jihadist” used a truck as a weapon on a bike-path ended with the perpetrator brandishing a paintball and pellet gun. A post I had made just about exactly a year previous to the incident included a road with the name Bicycle Rd that is located very close to the Flight 93 crash site, and I may have seen it before I went to bed, in the same wake-cycle where I was aware of the attack in NYC. But I’m not sure about that. It was near in time. I also found another ‘Bicycle’ road that is in Somerset- The city, in Somerset County, that goes to a place where 219/Flight 93 Memorial Highway seems to have a break of sorts, and then this Bicycle road runs concurrently there with it.

The first eye-witness account that I saw, on Youtube, comes from a Youtuber going by the name- Charlton. He seems to have paint on his shirt, from painting, and the eye-witness seems to have a substance on his shirt that appears (but may not be) like paint.

I found a number of 337 that is a partial “loop” around where the shooter lived. 337 is a number that I have associated with “light” (not to associate it in an exclusive way). In first attempts to research this road of 337- In Texas, I ran across a Ranch to Market Road 337- Which is not the one I was looking for, runs from a place called Camp Wood, to a place called Medina. Medina I recognize first as a city in Saudi Arabia- One with significance to Islam (but I don’t know the whole history). State Highway 337 is another ’337′ that I found. It’s goes between State Highway 16 and US 180 in Mineral Springs. I found it after I was looking at information about salt. I watched a video about an orphaned Opossum, shortly before, as well…and 337 here is right next to Possum Kingdom Lake (I think the song- By The Toadies comes from this). If I measure between State Highway 337 and State Highway Loop 337, Ford Hood is about equidistant between these two (and a little off to the side if a line is drawn), where- 8 years ago, there was the shooting that occurred there, by a Muslim man.

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