Tested car

Still sick to stomach as I drive it. Of course- I’m just overreacting. Not to be this way. Not to try to be this way.

At my first stop behind a vehicle I was seeing the number 408, on a Ford Fusion. I was writing about this number prior to leaving, as it is my parent’s anniversary date (4/08), and then I found it was also the date of birth for a person, who I saw in positions. The fact of occupation doesn’t mean any sort of connection, or that there should be, other than she might be like a courier/messenger- An angel. Her name might have it in it. She might wear clothes that have some part of the message/signal; It might be “with” her. Again- I don’t mean to name people as “mine”.

D408QM (D for Disability- I didn’t catch that, but thanks, God). After this Fusion went where I had initially gone to, another Fusion followed it from the other direction, with a plate of 163-Something. Usually there are three numbers and three letters. I don’t remember the three letters on this one, but 163 is next to 162, after it, and 162 is the date of the year of my birth, so 163 would be June 12th.

At the place where I got what I had gone to get, in process of testing, when I walked out of the building I noticed first numbers 509 on a car there by the entryway. 509 I related with the show, Mr. Robot, as these numbers I first found from it, or related as a unique number through it, and then I found it to be the number that may be found from the gematria of the name of a girl I might like- And my name…if she had my last name. She’s also really rich. In Mr. Robot, the “five nine” hack has to do with erasing records, and relief of debt, and 5/09 is the date of the main character’s father (also called Mr. Robot- Edward Alderson). Of course, I would have to resist this, since it is so obvious that I’m weak, and might lust for this kind of “way out”. At the same time, I can’t reject someone just because she is “rich”- In this thought experimentation. That would be just as bad as going after her because she is, and I haven’t- But I probably wouldn’t know about her if she wasn’t rich and famous. I also consider her an angel/messenger/courier, and I’m definitely challenged. She comes in/with beautiful alignment. The range-number that I saw in my car here was her name’s gematria. As I left this place, I saw an alignment of numbers that I have come to notice by their not being part of another pattern (that I found, with structure)– 5809. I followed this out.

When I got home, I noticed the time displayed in my car was 6:11 P.M. My birthday is of course 6/11. The range I noticed was 229- My written name’s gematria. I had a stomach ache from something. I can’t tell if it’s just the natural odor of the vehicle, as it’s been sitting for a month or so, or if it’s still from the intake system. It was rigged up in a different way today, but it is still rigged, and I don’t trust it. I just wish I could chop wood and not be around anything plastic…and fish, and mash some beans- Etc. Mother fucker. I’d rather die fast or in days than be hooked to machines, sedated…soaking in my cancer. T.V. playing commercials for crap products- Trying to sell me more plastic and preservatives and “air-freshener” and carpet glue.

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