Spoiler alert? (ha)

The first replicant that the blade runner- Officer K in the new Blade Runner film meets is named Morton (Sapper Morton). In our common-consciousness, Morton may go with “salt”. He was cooking garlic (spice). Before he looks at K- The blade runner, he puts on certain glasses. Something blade runners seem to do is take an eye from a replicant that they are to bring in, or retire. I’m not quite sure, as my attention is here and there, sometimes, and I need to see/read things multiple times (sometimes having to think about it, or it coming up in thought later). At any rate, K is seen washing Sapper’s eye, and then lifts up the lid of the pot that is cooking the garlic. “Spice” (spys/sea-sin/see-son…others?..seizin…sea-zen, see zen).

Over the weekend, I was watching the first Blade Runner, before I saw 2049- Again. Near the end, as the-replicant (named Roy Batty) begins to talk to Deckard about all of the “things that he has seen”- Which in the way he talked, was like what Sapper Morton says – at the beginning of Blade Runner 2049- Saying that K has “never seen a miracle”. This scene where Roy Batty says this played as I brought up the IMDB page for Dave Bautista- Who plays Morton. I thought about the connection, as it played, and counted it as a kind of synchronicity. I didn’t consider how Roy Batty was very “salted”…with very white hair, and light skin, and light blue-eyes- Something that was in attention in the film. Also in his words were something about these sights that he has seen- How they will be forgotten “like tears in the rain”, as it was raining in the scene. He dies after he says what I’m trying to remember (I was a little distracted, as well…Probably going to see again), coming to the end of his natural lifespan. I thought about this tonight, thinking of the Morton Salt girl with the umbrella – in the rain….

In the second movie- In 2049, salt is also mentioned again later, with regard to a barren land- Referencing a womb of a newborn replicant. Sapper (Morton) is a farmer. The “newborn” seems to be covered with a kind of gel/sap. The miracle he mentioned is referenced to a birth…

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    I wonder- I read more about Roy Batty dying, in the first film. I mis-remembered it, or actually lost some attention as it became very action-oriented, and there was a lot going on around me besides the movie (talking)– I tend to not focus as much on extended action-sequences, unless I’m interacting (video games); I thought that he was “defeated”, in it, but near the end, he saved Deckard, or helped him up, and some have suggested this might mean he had empathy, which replicants (or his model of replicant) wasn’t supposed to have… But as he is “salt”, he probably just wanted to preserve himself, even if only in the memory (his last words about what he has seen…) of Deckard(?).

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      Also- In light research, I found that in the book that this story-line stems from, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ – Rick Deckard owns a sheep, which died of tetanus, and is replaced by an electric replica-sheep to maintain the illusion of animal ownership (a status symbol). Tetanus is commonly referred to as “lockjaw”- Which may relate with “seizure” (referenced with, in my mind, what I wrote about eyes, spies, sees, seize…).

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