Met a neighbor at my new potential residence. She said she works at ‘Defender’- A security place. I just deleted a post in Synchronicity- Where I wrote how I had seen a license plate at this place, how we parked next to a car with letters BAT on it’s plate, and then went to a place- IKEA, where as we exited I noticed at the end of the row we had parked in, next to us was a Black Volvo with a plate of DRK KGHT.

I had just been in a kind of battle/fight with a guy, the day prior to this- He claimed we were being deceived about what happened in Las Vegas…That it was faked. As I noticed some synchronicity with what happened, I had a personal interest, and don’t accept his explanation. I have seen things seem “fake”, before, and things have aligned in ways that challenged my concept of my life-itself. Sometimes it seems like a conspiracy, but the amount of coordination required would go beyond what what I have conceived of ‘others’ – can do. The explanation he offered just seemed unlikely, and disrespectful to any potential other. I wanted him to provide his evidence– He wouldn’t any, nor would he show respect for my baseline, or my 0 (how I question too much to assume the starting “reality” to even begin to accept an idea he would present). I consider many things, but want to invest my mind wisely. What can I know? What is useful? Where can I go?

I wrote after the conversation/fight, a verse from the Quran, or words chosen from a verse: And they were deceptive, and Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the greatest of deceivers.

This night, as I struggled with these words, as for one, they-from their source are in context of a time when Christians believe Jesus Christ was arrested and crucified (and then following in this process, resurrected), but Muslims believe someone was arrested and crucified in his place. I wrote the verse down at Paoli (meaning Paul- Meaning “small”), while working my route, and then when I got to the town of my next route-stop, Bloomington, I stopped at the grocery, to get some seaweed, and on the way back to my car I walked by two Redbox machines, where the first cycled a title to the front as I passed-of Shadow of War, and the second as I came to pass, a title of It Comes At Night. Both I considered close to thoughts of “deception”, so I left what I wrote.

I thought of Batman, and the license plates that had made me think of it, last-night, or more precisely this-morning. I now also remember my dad this weekend confusing Superman Returns with Batman “Returns”, as I asked him what he was watching Saturday, or Sunday. But when I thought/reflected on seeing these plates, and my argument with the person, an hour or so later – I saw a notification come up on Facebook, where a page I had liked over the time I have had it, Batman: The Dark Knight changed it’s name to The Dark Knight Trilogy, and later changed their picture. It was the first update to the page since April 4th- Which was a picture of Heath Ledger, as The Joker.

Tonight meeting my neighbor, her saying where she worked (Defender), matched thoughts of Batman, or heros. I had begun having an allergic reaction to something around here. By her door is a rock with word, “Faith” inscribed on it. I wanted to have it- That I might have a place here. I haven’t moved in yet. I may not be able to.

Problem: My body is highly sensitive to things. It causes pain. But not sensing these things, or not reacting to them, may cause later pain, or unseen problems (like hidden systemic weaknesses). These things I don’t want to be around in the first place. Tricky territory.


…Dad and I went to Whole Foods between visiting my apartment, and IKEA. There was a moving in timing a Muslim woman in a headscarf. Also, in IKEA, the first time I moved in a straight path, another was straight ahead.

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