2:22, and Big Little Lies

Over the weekend, I rented 2:22, and Big Little Lies: Episodes 1-2. I had intended to rent 2:22 the previous weekend, I am thinking, and also rented Contact then, to study– Specifically, to find what exactly was said about finding patterns in the chaos “of a washing machine”. The night that I began to watch Contact, then, I had reflected on a film I had seen in Las Vegas, and a time, relating to one that I had…related with “pattern” in, or with a washing machine, where I had said that “gambling made me feel sick”, and later that night – of that day that I said that, my car stopped due to loss of power (alternator and battery) after passing an address number- Of a number that I associated with the one, that day questioning what it meant to her. I carried the remaining orders for my last delivery the couple of miles or so to the location, and the first name that I saw on the order-sheets, at the top was ‘Gamble’. I don’t think I was aware of this as a name prior.

In Contact, they receive a signal from Vega, and I stopped watching/studying at 37 minutes in, when she began to receive it, which occurred right after the comment about the “patterns in the chaos” (of a washing machine, and static on a television screen). I related here with 37, as my route, which I had just attempted to switch from after years of running it, went mainly down IN-37 for a good portion of the time that I did it, it dominating of any one road- The total mileage/time on it, and the distance of the road was 229 miles, approximately – where the film is 2:29:xx. At 37 minutes, she hops in her car and drives in a rush back to the station to further study the signal she hears. This is the first time she (Ellie) is seen driving.

It was this night that Stephen Paddock attacked the people from his hotel room- The people at the Route 91 Harvest concert. I had just associated this number – 91 with the one I had related with/through the “washing machine”. When I began my new route, that Monday, I rode with a guy who shared a birthday with the guy who was playing (he rode with me) at the time of the shooting. After the route, I was given an extra order to take on my way home, for a patient with a name that to the best of my ability to tell at the moment might mean “arrest”, which was signed by a nurse with a name that relates to a “coarse, woven, wool fabric”- The kind given to Native Americans. I picked it up at Post Road– Exit 91 from I-70, outside of Indianapolis.

When I rented 2:22, this weekend, I also rented Big Little Lies. I had written about an arrangement of numbers- 11/15, and/or 11:15, relating them with individuals. I rented Big Little Lies in part because of one with this birth-date (11/15)- Mainly because of her, and curiosity as I had seen it come up as an option to watch on Xbox Live multiple times. And perhaps about the lies. I had related with her through a movie that is about uncovering a well-guarded secret, as I had come to this date, 11/15, through recognizing a name from the movie, near me (it is a rare-form of the name, and only one location that I know of has it, off-hand). I watched 2:22, first, and it is about a guy who sees patterns, always leading up to a point- A murder, coming at 2:22 in Grand Central Station. The last numbers he says in the film are “eleven-fifteen”. After finishing watching, I noticed the time was 2:23 as  I stood up, which was the time when-in the film, they knew they had gotten past that point (2:22). I then watched Big Little Lies, noticing I began it at at point- 4:18, which was by it’s numbers related to the birthday of the couple in the film- 2:22, 4/18.

I wrote about this, on Monday, and related it to the movie, Blade Runner 2049. The name, Deckard, from it, is what had prompted me to investigate the same name, which was on a funeral home near where I deliver, to a place with the name, Bell, in Bloomington. A flower in the film was related to him. 11/15 at the time was the birthday of the last person honored in their list of obituaries. I also related this birthday, first, with one whose middle name is a flower, and was the name of the first place that my mom passed through when in labor with me (outside of where she started, in Liberty). When I laid down to sleep- Tuesday, I noticed that my brother-in-law had, on Facebook shared a blog that he had written, titled Washing My Hands of God. I checked it out. It told a story about a family-friend of theirs, and a member of their “house-church”, who had lost a son this past February, named Abbot.

I remember around this time I started to think of this name, just prior.

His mother- Jackie, had gone on a hiking trip, and asked God for a rainbow as a sign. It got to the end, and she hadn’t seen a rainbow. She told God that she was “done with you”.

She and her group were being transported back by a couple of guides, who were a couple. She noticed on the man, who they referred to as “Standing Rock” due to his stature, had a tattoo of a baby’s foot-print. Included with this tattoo was her son’s- Abbot’s birthday- 7-9. As she recognized this, she told her friends, and Standing Rock’s wife explained that it was the date that their newborn child had died, so this tattoo was to commemorate the life, and showed her her’s, that had words in addition to the foot-print and the date, 7-9.

“There is a rainbow
of hope at the end
of every storm”

I liked this post of his. I remembered that I had too, sort of, lost a life, with a girl named Newborn, first name a form of Christ, on this date. I went to sleep. When I woke up, I went to the computer, and logged onto Facebook. I had just had a dream about a power-station, and riding a grizzly bear (that I got off of around the “power-stations”). As soon as I logged-in, the power cut. The last image that I saw was in the comments of a post made by a female whose partner is missing his right-ear (outer part), and who is a power-line worker. I have related with him, due to my altered right-ear. The image was of a socket of a missing tooth, that I was last focused on.

I started to think about it- That one who I had written about, born on 11/15, was how I first learned of the recent pipeline (energy) conflict– The ‘Standing Rock’ -protests. “Water-protectors”. It came close. I wrote about being arrested, and about my swim-team as a child, this date (October 11th), last year, in a forum on synchronicity. Then the next day, or so, I saw that this one had been arrested at Standing Rock, protecting water. I had hurt a main “pipeline”- Also (my back/spine), and I had in memory an association of her, with injury, or difficulty to do with her spine.

When I found out about the loss of life, I had just walked home from where I had dropped off my car to get it’s radiator replaced, from an impact that occurred near the city where Abbot is from. Abbot was run over by a car. As I began to reach my place from the walk, it began to rain, and then right as I got inside, it poured, and a crash of thunder hit. That night, I heard for the first time a song that I played when I first met the girl I had made the life with, by a band called Filter (and later she took me to where she worked, called The Filter). That next morning, she informed me that we had a child, growing inside of her, and 7-9, she terminated it. Last night at Union Chapel Rd, a girl was bouncing her head singing “Lightning and Thunder”. I turned here (to get food).

I watched the first show I have watched since these two things, last night (this-morning)- Star Trek: The Next Generation. I caught the end of the episode, where Data’s “mother” has been injured, and his “father” – as a holographic projection, implores him to not reveal the truth of her nature– That she is an android.


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