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Sunday, October 8th, 2017

This week began (work), for me, with switching routes. On the first day, I went to test my car- I think, to see if it was still making me sick to drive it. The air-intake got taken out by a raccoon, and I didn’t know if it was something to do with that, or with the transportation of an open gas-container from the day it happened, later in that day. I had written about the number 227. I left to go test my car, and the first vehicle that I came to was a K and K Electric / Cain Heating and Cooling van, as I reached IN-44, from where I am living. I then turned onto 44, heading toward town, as the K and K Electric van went away from town. I got behind a car with a plate of 908TDA. 908- I recognized, as a multiple of 227 (x4), as I had just written about it.

Later this night, I went on the new route for the first time. It went to Mishawaka, in St. Joseph County. A sign at the exit that I may take to get to the place I delivered to was for Weaver Electric, and Weaver Heating and Cooling. This was the last business sign before turning there. Mishawaka may translate to a meaning of “dead tree land”, or “firewood-tree land”.

I took this route one more time – I wrote about more of this in other posts. The second time, I had a kind of hypersensitive reaction, or allergic reaction to the building. I asked to go back to my old route- To switch with the man who had taken it. This was allowed. Wednesday, I bought garlic. It may have been Tuesday, but I can’t clearly remember. This was the first spice that I have bought in some time. I had not yet connected that the cause of my reaction to the building may have been something – like an insecticide/pesticide, in carpet shampoo. I’m still not sure of anything. It could be the building materials themselves…

Garlic contains allicin. A voice told me to buy it- Although I can’t really trace the source, as something separate from myself, or my own thoughts – Although the voice has said things before they have happened in reality, and seems to know things that I don’t. Maybe we are just like close friends at this point, and our thoughts have been close- That we know each other in ways. But I imagine that I have been known, and am known, more than I know. I don’t know. Allicin works to defend against insects for the plant.

I went to watch Blade Runner, 2049 tonight. In the beginning, a man that is visited by Officer K- He is a farmer, and garlic is mentioned very close to the beginning, and is perhaps the first plant mentioned by name. He said he grows it for himself. There is a dead tree there, at the man’s house, and a flower at it’s base. The flower sparks the curiosity of Officer K. More or less all plant-life has been ruined on Earth by this point. No living trees. Only bio-enginneered food seems to remain. Everything is a wasteland…

At some point, Officer K. returns here, to this tree, and finds a wooden horse with a date on the bottom, which triggers a memory. The date is 6-10-21. I felt “close” to this, as it is close to my birthday- 6-11. 6-10-21 is a birthday.

Prior to seeing this, as I drove to the theater, I was talking with spirits/myself- About corporate globalism, and how they are kind of getting away with murder…and how without this industrialization, things would kind of self-balance. I related it with like some rapist injecting his semen directly into the abdomen of the wife of one, piercing her abdomen, while the married couple were engaged in sex. Or simply, perhaps, making a new hole in her abdomen, and fucking her through it, and perhaps letting her bleed to death. In this film, the first replicant that is shown to be born, a man does just this, in her abdomen (but he doesn’t have sex with her- He just relates this with procreation in a way, where he cuts her after). “The man” is the creator of these replicants.

When Officer K meets Deckard (from the first Blade Runner), the first thing Deckard says to him is – to ask him if he has cheese. I remembered her that my mother was eating slices of cheese this after-noon, and that I haven’t seen this in some time. As I left my parents house to go see this, as I’m staying with them currently (it’s hard to find a new place, that doesn’t offend my sensitive immune system, or whatever), they were just getting back from the orchard. The only place that I have seen Deckard in memory is as I leave (or get to) a place on my route, in Bloomington, IN. It is a name on a funeral home. As Officer K finds a flower at the bottom of a tree, a body of one is found under it, and this connects to a child, who is Deckard’s child. When he finds Deckard, he finds him first by seeing life-readings- A swarm of bees as he finds when he gets closer. Deckard may have taken up bee-keeping… Officer K finds Deckard after this.

The wooden horse, in a memory is hidden in a furnace. As I related a date/number of 6-10 as close to 6-11 (my birthday), I have previously found 611 in Fairfax County, Alexandria, VA (outside Washington D.C.), finding that a good section of it is on Furnace Rd. At a terminus of Furnace, 611 runs concurrently with 642 (unknown if any association)- Lorton Rd (meaning “roaring one”), and then terminates at 123/Ox Rd. Oxford, OH was my birth-place. 611 Fairfax is also an address I have found associated with one- Zena Lotus Grey, who was born 11/15. 11/15 is also the birthday of the person whose obituary is most recent at The Funeral Chapel of Powell and Deckard – Bloomington, IN (at a turn onto – or from a main road, after my midpoint delivery on the route I take, for work, at a place with a name that begins with “Bell”). 11/15 is also Shailene Diann Woodley’s birthday- She was my second association with the date…