Today I reactivated my Facebook account, to research- A post I had made about (over) two years earlier, where I shared an image of a class I was in, where the teacher was named Paddock. Actually, it wasn’t that one that I was going for, at first- It was one that I had made about 20 days ago, in a post where I shared an image of Snake Hill Rd, in Liberty, IN…Snake Hill Rd is the first sign of a road that is seen when one enters the city-limits for Liberty- Where I went to church as a child, and where my mom is from (and went into labor with me). From another side of town Paddock is the first road that might be seen.

When I researched this name in Synchronicity- A group I am in, on Facebook, the post I made around 20 days ago wasn’t showing up – but the one with the picture of my class was. I shared some thoughts around this, as the name came up recently, and was a name I feared in school, and noticed synchronicity with- With what happened recently. The picture was taken near Halloween, where my class dressed up as characters from history. I don’t remember who I was supposed to be, but I was wearing red. I had considered, or tested out, what I saw as a matching-up, or possible ‘pattern’ in the image, and from there (I’m struggling with language here) further analyzed/tried-to-analyze.

The original post came around when I went to visit a girl, who in the image stood behind me- She went as Helen Keller. I hadn’t ever one-on-one visited with her before, and it had been many years since I saw her, but I wished her a happy-birthday days prior (and took a picture of the sun-rise on her birthday, at first not relating with her, perhaps), and it sparked conversation, and then she asked me to dinner. She is very into Tim Burton things. She has tattoos of his art-work, and is tattooed very heavily. As the image came up again, today, I considered her affinity for Tim Burton, and wondered if there was some way I might relate it.

I left for work, sometime soon after sharing this- Perhaps ‘finishing’ (with a lot of attempts at “righting” myself- My writing). When I got to work, all of the doors were open; The bay door was open to the warehouse, as well as the main door we use to enter, and the pharmacy’s door within. I thought our orders were ready, but they were still pushing them out, and finishing up. This wasn’t in protocol. They usually push them all out at once.

My last post on my main “timeline” on Facebook consists of “bark bark bark bark bark…“-repeating this. I got off soon after, as I was angry with a poster. I had read his post as I had heard dogs barking more than I had heard them. I had woke up to them, and decided to check Facebook. I was already annoyed with them, and felt some reflection with the posts made by people/us, as so many seem to bark back and forth… I considered that maybe I just don’t understand them, and that’s how we are, sometimes– lacking understanding/comprehension. But already, I was forgiving the dogs, in a way, or bringing us to their level, in my eyes, trying to be more balanced, but a person had commented on a post I made, and I read it right in the time of the incessant barking, so I was already annoyed, and his post hit a kind of nerve. It was as if he was trying to box things in, and disqualify some of my processing. It was disrespectful. I deactivated my account.

The pharmacy is run by a person- Last name Barker. Her daughter was there tonight/last-night, and this is why things were being done differently. As I was there, she came out to the warehouse. I must admit that I find her presence stimulating. The first time I saw her, I had angrily (frustrated – “hot”) written in my text file on my phone as I waited that it would be nice if they could just communicate to us- The drivers, about when orders may be done, as usually the door is shut and we are just waiting – without information, sometimes for hours. That time she immediately came outside, and began smoking a cigarette near me, by the ramp, where I could ask her (and meet her).

On this female’s shirt tonight there was Tim Burton art- Jack, and perhaps his dog. When she showed up, she was trying to correct her mistake, or a mistake- Looking through totes to find the right number. It needed an order in it for Hydrocodone…Going to a place beginning with the name- Cumberland.

*There is a place called “Pumpkin Center” in Orange County, IN, outside of where (the town) I deliver the furthest away.
*Tyler- The person who hired me, for this job, just sent me a text asking me the code to open the door at the warehouse for the pharmacy. It relates to my birth, as the year. He has never asked.

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    This is the image that was in the post that I commented on today, as I mentioned:

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    On my route, I decided to listen to this song. It was the first that I had chosen to listen to in some time. I had sort of stopped listening to music the week before, but began to accept some this week. I noticed that it’s duration was 6:11. My date-of-birth may be related as 6/11, so the numbers reminded me of it.

    Just after, I turned on the radio, and heard a name of one- Taylor Swift as “coming up” on the station, and at this time I was coming up on the exit for Taylorsville, IN.

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