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The day I was exposed to, and reacted with insecticide/pesticide…

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

I bought some garlic powder, after (organic, non-irradiated…). It contains Allicin. All-I-sin? I had not yet identified or had an idea that it was pesticide, but perhaps something in me did, or instinct did did.

Allicin is a natural pesticide. I can eat a hell of a lot of it. I like it.

…At least I’m pretty sure it was insecticide/pesticide. I’ve experienced this before, to dog shampoo (flea and tick “treatment”- I imagine).

9 and 11

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In a previous entry (multiple), I wrote about some possibly numerological/numerical/number (what to call it, really) -alignments, in the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas, from the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino, at the Route 91 Harvest concert. I just noticed that the man shot out two (2…) windows, and that if they are counted from the one shot out to the one shot out, the distance is 11, with 9 between them.

In a previous post- Taylor

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

I didn’t connect, but in my mind numbers were the same, and things matched in a way, through me/my experience, with one Taylor. I just saw that another Taylor- A former marine was a hero to some in what occurred in Vegas, stealing truck to bring injured people to the hospital. It stands out- Hard to miss.

dream, light

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In my dream, I looked up the name of a girl, whose last name is Fast. She was then next to me, and she put her hand in mine. It was extremely tiny, like she was an elf, or fairy, but then her body appeared still about normal size. It was as if I had looked her up, after becoming curious, and another who was with me, who was not her, was suddenly her. The size difference in the hand and body did seem odd, but not too odd. Her eyes began to emanate a very bright light in a kind of pattern within them. The patterning was beautiful, and it was also in her hand, and parts of her body. It was a soft-bright light, kind of like one might see under the influence of DMT, or psilocybin, or perhaps near death. She said that I was alone with her. The patterning was all over her, and the light seemed to come from it. It resembled artwork, I think, that I have seen her create, in some form. I remember when I met her, and when I would see her, her eyes (and her sister’s eyes) glowed this amber-orange, in the sunlight. It was because of her that I wanted to work at a place- a natural foods store (a more conscious business). She was with the son of the owners, though- And she let me down easy as she could tell I was interested, often coming in and talking with her. It wasn’t awkward, and it wasn’t after, because there was interest beyond one that would require some connection like that. She was/is a ‘special’ person. I went to the Indy 500 one year, the last time I went- The first time I had gone in years, and I got my tickets from my dad, and, by chance, I ended up right behind her sister, whose last name was Love, in my seating, with my brother. My dad is from an hour and half from there, and the people she had gone with owned a donut shop out in Avon/Plainfield area, further west. It was a certain coincidence, and it is one that I still think about.

It was when I watched Mad Max in the theater one time that the fire-department came and I had to go to another theater, across town, to see it- The movie was playing later, so I decided to stop into this market where Ms. Fast worked (and her sister, -Love), and I met her child who she had had in the year or two prior– It was the first I had met him. His name was Orion. Mad Max may go with fire, as the earth is just about out of water in the film, at least where they are.

Maybe I was associating something with this. The vehicles (Indy 500?). Donut-wheel, tornado? I moved with some timing with the tornado in Mad Max. The toxic world…The insensitivity of human-kind, to nature, and their nature…

At least I got some pretty images to think about. Beautiful. Wow. Like an angel/”fairy”. It didn’t feel sexual. Not that it didn’t not, but it was more peace/love, and a place of comfort/rest [that one may have felt at with her]. I am almost crying as I write that (not quite, but water occurred). She was this.

*Not to call this synchronicity, or meaningful- That I am aware of, but I just noticed the show that is on T.V. is called 7 Little Johnston’s. It was odd about the size of her, in the dream, and this show is about dwarf people. I have never seen it. I’m currently, again as I’ve said previously, living at parents house, for another 7 days (unless something changes, like I find out they have installed new carpet in the apartment I’m supposed to live in, then I’ll have to change plans). I also may have issues here even more coming tomorrow, as they are getting their dogs shampooed, and I remember experiencing the same reaction that I am, seemingly, from the facility, from the last time I had to drive my dad’s car, when the dogs had been shampooed, and rode in there. I think the facility may have used some kind of carpet shampoo, possibly, with some insecticide.

-My mom just said, “she reminds me of Sara”. I don’t know who she was referring to, but I remember now in my dream something about my mom or dad mentioning an ex- Sara, who now has Multiple Sclerosis. About connecting with her- That I should. She is married, and it wasn’t a suggestion for, it didn’t seem, anything to get together- Just to visit perhaps. Sara was the smallest/shortest of my ex-girlfriends. She was always “little”.

Just prior to her mentioning Sara, I considered how insecticides often work by attacking the nervous system of insects, and that this may explain why I was slurring words. Multiple Sclerosis involves the weakening of nerve cells (demyelination of them).

“Over it is 19″

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

The man who shot the people at the concert, Stephen Paddock, ISIS claimed responsibility for him. It sounded absurd, but the numbers are interesting: He had 23 weapons, and 19 more at home. Muhammad began what is in the Quran when he was 40, and died when he was 63- Totaling 23 years information that is now in this Quran. 19 is a “code” that is found in the Quran, according to some sources, and it seems to at least hold some weight with it, from what little I know about it. 19 hijackers took out the Twin Towers and attacked the Pentagon, according to the official-story about things, and another group of them were in an attempt to attack another target, possibly the White House.

2977 people were killed by the 19. The total dead if you count the hijackers (I don’t, not really, for this, but perhaps by another measure)- was 2996, but 2977 is 229- The numerological sum or sum-by-gematria in a common form of it, of my name, times 13. A 13-sided polyhedron may have 229 “crossings”, as this ‘completed graph k13′ shows (I’m not sure about the proper language, as more learned people may use here).

2977 is also found in studies of gematria in the Bible, from 229. 229 is said to be a gematria of “love”+”fear”…

My name also has 19 letters. The last letter of it is the 19th letter of the English-Latin alphabet.

I basically just noticed the numbers. 23, being one, and 19, another- Both closely associated with Islam (19 at least, to me, as 19 kind of brought it). There may be more. I haven’t delved too deeply. I don’t intend to put these sources up as absolute ends of truth. Many times I find people’s language to be too absolute, and requiring too much proof to rest with.

The man who claimed to have found this 19-code in the Quran also claimed that these two verses, 9:128 and 9:129, were added to the Quran. This causes trouble. He may have shoe-horned, but I wonder- I don’t know:

“There has come to you a messenger, from among yourselves, grievous to him is what you suffer, (he is) concerned over you, to the believers (he is) kind (and) merciful”

“But if they turn back, say: Sufficient for me is God. (There is) no God except Him. On Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the Tremendous Throne”

I would say that although there may be some issue casting doubt, and that he may have made some claims that require a lot of proof, and don’t seem to hold up, that what I have seen with things has made me curious. I may or may not look more. Maybe later.

A system that makes me feel like “God”, sometimes…

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

but I can’t even live. It isn’t that I approve of most of what I can’t live in. None of it is sustainable or good- That I can’t (live in). But it’s the way the world goes (we seem to be idiots until we crash into something that we can tell, undeniably, hurts us). My mother goes to Bible study after spraying herself with a load of chemicals. I imagine Jesus would forgive her. Maybe it’s a dance.