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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Recently I associated or reflection on associations of the name, Mac- with aliens. My mom on the day I was to end my last route informed me that only two restaurants were in Oxford- Where I was born when I was born, and one was named Mack’s (another was Burger King). On the first day of my new route, Mac- A guy with one arm and tattoos of a UFO/Flying Saucer, and a mushroom, picked up a golf Tee that had dropped out of a golf bag that had been in my dad’s Mack-Sim-Ahh, that I used for the first night, because my car needs work. The facility that I deliver to, I find associations with racing around the name of it- Bodnar, and racing simulators. U.S. 31- the road I take to this place, termites in the north at Mackinaw. It terminates there at I-75. 75 is a gematria of a girl’s name, if she had mine (last name).

*I had originally deleted this-

I thought in the shower some more, about it. Now I forget…

Ah. I remember a time on a day when a tornado jumped over our car on the fourth of July, that two friends and I wandered around the golf course at night, and in some moments I couldn’t find them, and I sort of yelled for them (not too loudly, perhaps). When I found them, they were in an excited state, where they claimed they saw a UFO come down behind some trees. As we were tripping at the time, influenced by compound labeled ’2C-E’, I considered that it was some optical effect, and that they were seeing lights from a car far away. I don’t know. But I related this with “Mack” with the alien-spaceship tattoo and mushroom picking up the golf-tee for me, and then again though about how a golfball looks on the golf-tee (and the relation of the mushroom-disc and UFO/Flying Saucer). Mack began working on or in timing with the anniversary of the day that the first highly publicized alien-abduction story was supposed to have happened (Barney and Betty Hill), which took place in/around Portsmouth, NJ… I related this this day with the fact that I knew one person, with the last name- Porter, and he was the only Porter that I knew, and we watched one movie that I could clearly remember- “Mac and Me”. In the same weekend, in/around the same time as I was writing about this, reflecting on it, I saw for the first time since Christmas a friend, Melissa, and her son, Israel, as I turned in a movie Alien Covenant, and then followed them inside the grocery, where she got Macadamia nuts as we made contact.

**I saw tonight at the new place that I go to that in Room 227 there is a person with a name beginning in Port.
I had in this post resisted mentioning that on IN-227, a road that I explored because of the number and finding it in places, that where about I first explored it, there was a road called Porterfield sort of with it, in a town of Middleboro. I had on this road found an “alien” (Zeta Reticulan- “Grey”) head on a stone in a cemetery, after I turned into there, in process of turning around to go take a closer look at a road called Turner, and then where my lights shown the stone had a date of 2/27, which prompted a further look. The one stone with the alien-head picture was for a person born on the date that coincided as an anniversary of the first nuclear weapon being used on people- August 6th, and the name was Day.

Plymouth, U.S. 31, 227

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Plymouth, IN, from US-31 is accessed from exit 227.

I changed to this route on about the Jewish New Year. The address of where I go is 60257, and numbers 257 I had previously associated with “Zion”. The first time I got home from doing the route the time was 6:13. 613 is a number that is significant to Jews, as the number of commandments recognized in the Torah (611+2, by God).

I was eager to end my previous route, in part due to the association of “Sandy Hook” with the massacre- Sandy Hook was a road I saw as I came to a hospital entrance at the last stop, and last road I turned on- Before “Longest”. I had just associated a road-name near here, behind where I deliver, with the film, Contact (a message), as it has a meaning, “victorious messenger”. In Contact, they receive a message from Vega. In the weekend before I began my new route, the night I rented and watched [part of] Contact, the largest mass-shooting in U.S. history occurred in Las Vegas, at a Route 91 Harvest festival/concert.

When I got back, I had an order for a patient born 5/27- 527 is the number marked as injured, currently, from this event. 59 as of this writing, as of the time of what I go over, are the number of dead. I rode with a man- My manager/dispatcher, who was born on the 59th day of the year, on the first day of the route (I drove- He rode), to show extra care/attention for the first day there, I guess. It was the first time we delivered to the facility. He received an order to dispatch to another driver, named “Burns”, as we began our drive- The patient name means “Mask” (Grimes), and is a name for Odin. He wrote it on my clipboard, and paper I gave him. The date of birth for the patient was the 294th day of the year, which is a number that I correlated/associated in ways with 227, through one who also associated his mother with 227, by the way he associated her with it (and the way I did, mine- His mother would be associated with 211). 227 I first associated with names that I associated a word, mask from. The order I picked up after my route- The first after my new route, was for a patient with the name, Linville (Linn may have a meaning that means “arrest/stop”). It picked up on Post Rd, accessed from Exit 91, on I-70, which was odd for the location it went to. I was pulled over one time, just one time, at the location it went to, and as I was, a car with a plate of 337- A number I have found association with light with, and letters LAW. In Contact, I had the found at 3:37, the first “eye” (after seeing earth, planets, stars, and galaxies, in the introduction). I remembered this, as I arrived there.

With Vegas, I had also thought about a film, Man on Fire- That I remembered watching there, as I investigated a name (Radha) that I first found through an analysis of names that I found associated with a word, by their first letters, of ‘mask’. On Sandy Hook Rd- That I was sort of wanting to get away from seeing every day, I guess, I associated a name of the single road I passed, Bernadine, with “burn”. I understand the name means “strong”, or “brave”, but there is also the sound, which sounds like “burn”, and I considered that such a person, as Adam Lanza, may “burn”. But I have felt like I may burn for him.


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

-I went to test my car, before going to work, to see if it was still making me sick, or what(?). Ever since I hit the raccoon and the air-filter system and hose got torn off, I have been getting a headache when I drive it, and other symptoms. I didn’t notice it until I went and filled up a gas can for my dad, though, which I shouldn’t have done considering my sensitivities, but didn’t think simply transporting, as long as I didn’t spill it, would be an issue.

I went to test it out, to see if I could drive it, or to see if I should use my dad’s car instead until I get mine fixed. This was right after the last post that I made. I didn’t see any cars on the path that I took, until I got to IN-44, where at the stop there from the road I was on- 300W, precisely there a K and K Electric / Cain Heating and Air Conditioning van drove by. I turned left after it passed, and after another car also passed going the way I was going. I got behind this car. It’s plate was 908TDA. 908- As I had been writing about 2/27, and 227, is 2x2x227, and is the address of my first house. This was the only car I drove behind on my test-drive.

I did get a headache/nausea, so I decided to drive my dad’s car tonight.

I later found that the K and K Electric / Cain Heating and Air Conditioning company is located at an address of 700 W 22nd street, which isn’t not sort of like 227/722.

My manager/dispatcher was instructed to go-tonight on my route with me. It wasn’t really necessary as I know what I am doing, but I didn’t argue (I’m not arguing). His birthday is 2/28, which is the 59th day of the year. As we began to drive, he received an order over his phone, to dispatch one who would take it. The patient’s last name was Grimes- Meaning “Mask”, and is one of the names that was given to the god Woden (Odin). He (John) wrote this on a paper I gave him, on my clipboard, and I currently have the writing. It’s the only time he has done this. The birthday for the patient was 10/21/1942- 294th day of the year (in regular years). I now consider that a person who I connected with over Facebook, through a common-associating of our mothers with the number 227- The way he associated 227 with his mother was not like I do with mine…I forget how he did it, but I remember mine by his method would be found with ’294′ corresponding. I have it written down somewhere. I don’t know.

I was relating with taking a “leap” of faith- As I wrote about it earlier (leap year), and watched Contact, or part of it last night, where I remember from watching it all of the other times that I have watched it that a “leap of faith” was something repeated at particular moments by Palmer, and then Ellie (at the end). The place that my new route goes to is called Sprenger (Springer), and when we were coming back from there, a truck behind us as we entered highway US-31 seemed eager to pass, and it was the first to pass us- I read “Leeper” as it did.

I noticed on the way there that exit 162 (my birthday as day of the year) was for Gas City. When I got gas I saw one other car there with a plate of 173, and letters I didn’t commit to memory, but after this, the odometer in this car reached 173,000 miles, and 173,174 was where it was at when I passed by 385W, near home (385 I associated with Taylor). I had just taken an extra order, on the way back, where I picked it up at Post Road/Exit-91 (from I-70 east of Indianapolis). I had initially gone too far, to another city to pick it up, but was in error as it was back at Post. The birthday for the patient was 5/27. This was my only extra pick-up, and first after my new route.

I may have more to add. I may have hid some (thoughts, detail). I’m not sure how to organize some. I also don’t want to distract from other things, as I try to remember, or relate.