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Monday, October 2nd, 2017


Monday, October 2nd, 2017

The 58th day of the year is also 2/27

This would make 2/29 (229- Number related to my name)- The leap day, which comes every 4 years, 60th (3/01 on normal years). I considered this in the shower, after connecting that 58 people died at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 60 relates with time, as our measurements of it are in 60s (seconds, minutes). I began to sit down, to write this, at 6:11. 6/11 is my birthday. My new route- That the company I work for recently acquired, only has a “second” round. 6:11 is 371 minutes/seconds (though when I sat down it was actually 18:11). I saw on Christmas- When I went to celebrate Christmas, the number 371 first out driving, to go there, which occurred shortly after I found that 6:11 would be 371.

Leap years, every 4– “Take a leap of faith”? The ones who I found the number 227 through (M.A.S.K., or in the order I met them, K.S.A.M.), first, before recognizing it elsewhere-including conscious recognition that it is my mother’s birthday and my first home address, if 227 is multiplied by 4, their birthdays span precisely 4 years first to last.

I found at the end of 227, where I explored, going to Union City, 91 is parallel. 227 days into the year is 8/15. 227 days left in the year, falls on 5/18 (reversal). Both of these have sums of 23 if sounded, “five eighteen” and “eight fifteen”. In the show, LOST- They crash on 9/22. Their flight is 8/15. 23 is a number throughout the series. Hugo won the lottery using the numbers, and 23 was one of special significance. Hugh-go- Relates to “Hugh”. My 2nd and 3rd grade teachers were both named Hughes. 229 is the first prime number that when added to it’s reverse (922)- That the result is also prime. Every 108 minutes they had to enter in these numbers that Hugo won the lottery with, in “The Hatch”. Swan Hatch. I was taking a shower when I was thinking about 58, and that it is the 227th day of the year, and when I got out, a door-bell had rung, and it was Schwann’s. 108 may relate to a “number” of other things, but 108 minutes is 1:48. My mother’s name before she married my father had a gematria of 148, and her name minus her last name may have a gematria (correlated with the one that is 148, as her maiden) 108. My dad “pressed the button” (ha).

It was the 159th day of the year when I explored the road- IN-227. The one who I paid attention to the number 159 first through also has a gematria for her first and middle name of 108, and with my last name it can be like my mother’s- 184, which is 23×8, or 2 to the 3rd power x 23. 159 are the second three digits after 3.14 in Pi, as well (circles).

Sometimes I want a “jack” in my head (ha). Spin-all surge erie. spy-null. Jack Shepherd is a “spinal surgeon”, and is designated as “23″ in a circle, up in a light-house, where Hugo takes him, directed by Jacob. He gets mad because he finds he has been watched his whole life, and breaks a mirror. “Watched”. Timed? Desmond-out. Doubt. The next house we moved into, after the first, was at 194 N Courtney Dr. Desmond was the last name of our next-door neighbors. 194 is as seconds to minutes or minutes to hours 3:14. They had two Airedale Terriers, which I liked a lot. They used to jump around me as I’d lay on the ground, sort of in circles. I remember eating cinnamon apples at their house.

I may come back to this. I’m kind of in a rush, to go to work.

227 and 722, 7/22 is the 203rd day of the year, and 6/11- My birthday is the 162nd. Added, these come to 365. My mother and father also have this sort of alignment in their birth-dates, as 58th day + 297th day (aligned as in- They total 365).


Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Dis seat full (taken)


The night my alternator/battery stopped working-

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

I walked to the last stop- To Nashville, IN. I read the first name on the order I took there, and it was Gamble.

Earlier that day I talked about (with myself/spirit/spirits) gambling- Thinking about Vegas, when I went with my parents, and how dirty it made me feel.

I was going on false-information (Brooks- last post)

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

My dad simply told me it was a concert, and when I asked further, he said “Garth Brooks”.

It wasn’t Garth Brooks.

I did find that Garth Brooks’s last album has the name Gunslinger.

It was the Route 91 Harvest Festival. I wrote about 91 a couple of posts ago, as related to Taylor Swift, as I related the number to her in the last week. She was the last person I associated with this number (before Hugh Hefner died at 91). 91 is a gematria of “Taylor” and “Swift” (as a common identifier for her- Not full name). This was the last association I made with the number.

I explored a road of IN-227 a couple of years ago, as 227 is the number I found from the names of exes, was my mother’s birthday as 2/27, an approximation of Pi as 22/7, a multiple of my first address (908 Vine, Indiana 1) x2x2, and I have related with and found the number to occur in other ways, as well. I explored it on the 159th day of the year. I didn’t know this. I didn’t know that Muhammad also died on the 159th day of the year, but I associated 159 with one I met, and woke up from sleeping next to 226-227 days after my 26th birthday, as 159 is a gematria for her name. I stumbled on a cemetery there as I turned in there to turn around to go look at a road called Turner, and my lights rested on a stone beginning with a date of 2/27. IN-227 terminates around Union City, IN/OH, and flows into a road of 571 (first into 32, which seems to ‘flow’ to 571). 571 is also related to Muhammad, as the year that he was born. The one I first associated with the number 159- Was the first person I imagined to wear a veil. She was born on the day of a solar-eclipse (ring), I found later. She shares a birthday with the man who purchased the lease for the WTC complex months before it was hit on 9/11, and she worked as a “stripper” (exotic dancer) when I met her. 571 terminates around Wright-Patterson Air-Force base, right at about the “Mad” River.

Taylor released new material on the date of a solar eclipse. I found 91 to be sort of parallel to 227, on the other side (Ohio), here, and it roughly aligns with, Taylor Rd- That I found right outside of my birth-town. I found a stone in a cemetery there of Taylor- The first cemetery that I visited, and it faces another, on the other side of the entrance (they are at the entrance) of Riddle. Riddle as a name/place-name I first found on a map around a number that I have associated with her (gematria)- 237.,-84.7891903,12.9z,-84.9625215,9.33z,-84.7795757,13.08z

In this, I also see that Brookville Road is a near longitudinally oriented road after Taylor (Indiana side).


Monday, October 2nd, 2017

My dad gave me a pair of Brooks shoes this weekend. They didn’t fit him. I haven’t tried them on. Perhaps it was later that night, I started writing about some things, and this led to remembering a movie that I watched- Man on Fire. It was through a female named Radha, as I was remembering movies I had seen her in. The first was Pitch Black, and the last was The Shack. She also played in this Man on Fire, and I watched this in Las Vegas.

O.J. Simpson was released that night, or later in time- Within a day of this, from around Vegas, and I had read about a Kirkpatrick making statements on something, around reading about Radha in Man on Fire…(I don’t remember currently- What about, for ‘Kirkpatrick’). I then saw a Kirkpatrick- The next that I saw with this name, and she was from Sulphur Springs, IN, which in a way aligned with “fire”. I think I saw in her profile on Facebook a photo of Vegas- Being the next image or association with it.

Last night/this morning I made connections with the film, Contact. In it, they receive a signal from Vega (routed through).

I read about the shooting at the Garth Brooks concert, or I saw it on the news right upon waking up today. I went to buy bananas, and as I reached town from the country, a truck arrived at the intersection at the same time with initials of an ex who has my mother’s maiden name, and who was by gematria with the “average” sum, for first names of my four ex-girlfriends, that I found a word of “MASK” may form from the first initials from. Her middle name is Brooke. On the truck were ‘ABF’. I don’t see a lot of these in Connersville- Where I am at the moment (or just outside). This is the first that I recall noticing.

I got to the store at 2:27. This is a number I found by adding the first names- M.A.S.K.. It was through some form of looking at these names that I stumbled upon the name, and learned about it- Radha. It’s also my mother’s birthday, or looks like it, as it is 2/27. I went and purchased about 7.78 worth of bananas, and the time was ~2:29 at purchase, according to the receipt. I went back in then to see if they had a paint-odor mask, in case I need it for the new facility I will be working in, or simply driving my car as something has contaminated it, or something is being emitted from the broken air-flow system- I haven’t figured out what is making me sick… As I went back in a man was talking to the greeter, and he said he couldn’t find something- That he walked all of the aisles looking, and even the gun aisle. This was the last I heard as I walked away, as he paused waiting for her to respond.

Brook is the only name that repeated in my ex’s names, also.

The man who committed the act- His father was on the FBI’s most wanted at one time, for a bank robbery. It was Friday- I had a dream about an old friend who is a big Marilyn Manson fan, and who went to emulate him. His name is Banks. He had a new hair-cut, and seemed happy. I noticed the amount of followers he has is the same number as the area-code of the place I am starting to deliver to today- My new route. Marilyn Manson then was injured when two pistols fell on him, on stage. He called his manager a “fascist”. I also dreamed about a person named Bart, that day, who was a robber- He took things from me/us, or at least he seemed to be the one, and who he was associated with another who took things, Richard. That night I had one final extra pick-up (extra on the route), for a Barton Richardson. The names matched. The birthday was 2/19- I associate 219 with Numbers 21:9, first: “So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.” I had just the previous night, into that morning of that Friday listened to a show about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Moses. I turned it on when I was about to turn into a S.C.U.B.A. place in the same town where I later picked up the order, that night/next-nigiht. I used the restroom by the trees, and then when I got back in the car the person on the show said something about riding back soaked, in a car.

I couldn’t find a paint-odor mask, but as I left- Leaving the shopping center back onto the main road, I saw a car ahead of me with a Lewis and Clark plate, and a number I remember of 107- This is a gematria of all four names, where the first initials are M.A.S.K. Another by this way (using full-first names– Not shortened, as I didn’t call one by her full first name, but Katie), the full gematria may be 278.

I have also found 278 to be across the bay here, with New York. I found it when I was trying to find out what Sandy Hook actually was- Finding this Island near it. It seems to point up, and 278 is the most significant road here. I’m not sure, but I have seen Sandy Hook around. It has bothered me- The closeness. My sister lives in a neighborhood called Sandy Hook. It’s the last road before the last road I turn on, on the route I just ended on Friday. One night I decided to avoid taking it, instead going to the hospital to bypass it, and I immediately received an order for a patient who was born on 12/13, being asked to take it when I got back near town. As the year was a leap-year for the birth-date of the patient, it was the same chronological day of year as would be 12/14- A day I associated with Adam Lanza. I thought this was his birthday, but it’s the day he committed the murders against children. He was born 4/22. It was the first time I had resisted in this way, and I couldn’t get away, it seemed. I had forgotten that this was a birthday of my first friend, and of someone who has come to my attention more recently- Taylor Swift. My sister, and where she lives, Sandy Hook (neighborhood), is also on Taylor Rd. I slept there when my car got a new alternator, in Taylorsville, after it came to a stop right after an address of 385- That I first associated through Taylor Swift, and that I had questioned in the day that my car stopped there. The night I made the delivery- That I resisted driving on Sandy Hook Rd, it went to Anderson– My sister took the last name, Andress, and when I wrote about marriage, in a way, to Taylor, one day, I found that her friend, also an “Andrew”-name, was married within/around this day. Her mother’s (Taylor’s) name is also Andrea. When I got off the exit there, where I delivered, I saw the name Taylor on a truck there at the light, as well. I had seen it earlier, as well, but had resisted considering it related to her, or that I should be “related” to her (I’m really not that insane, am I?). I don’t really mean to implicate her/myself, in any of this. I just see certain matching up. It might be hard to follow, and you might have dismissed it at this point. It doesn’t really matter.,-74.1257827,10.72z

I don’t like what the man did, but some ‘part’ of me does “like” when things match. It makes me feel less alone. That could be ironic.

Taylor is also from a town- Reading, PA, where there are are major highways of 422 and 222. 4/22 I had previously associated with Islam- Being Muhammad’s birthday (reportedly, but this is uncertain), in the year 571. Adam Lanza, as mentioned, was also born 4/22. I have been seeing some things relating, for me, Taylor with Islam. Islam means “submission”. She later moved to Nashville. My car lost power right outside of Nashville, which was a stop on my route that ended Friday (385), when it was repaired in Taylorsville (new alternator). I paid attention to her first in some capacity greater than normal when I had the last alternator replaced, as well. I liked the colors she wore. The ex, who has a name that may be the average gematria of the four exes, Alisha, was also from Nashville/Hendersonville, TN, and lived on the same lake as Taylor. I think my face started to hurt down there, around 2002-2003. I felt a pressure between my eyes, between my eye-brows. Alisha also had my mother’s maiden name, Finch.

*After writing this, the closest I came to moving images of what occurred last night (shooting)- I went close to the television screen, and saw in the reel at the bottom words about “toxic air” in a jet. It was the first I read, my eyes diverting to the ordered motion (as perhaps opposed to the chaos on screen). This is why I use masks. My air-intake on my car, also, Friday morning got taken out by a raccoon by my first ex-girlfriend’s old house. I considered a previous time I hit a raccoon just earlier that night, which occurred at a time that as numbers in the order (238) may be a gematria of Taylor Swift’s full name, or Genevieve Angelson’s- Who I associated with the number first. 238 may also relate with “Uranium”-238.

Contact (about the movie)

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

In this, she (Ellie Arroay- Jodie Foster) can first be seen driving a car at ~37:00. The film is approximately 2:29:34 long. I have been driving a route where the longest leg of it, and the furthest point away, I take IN-37 to get to, and the total length for IN-37 is 229.4 miles. My name is where I first paid attention to the number 229. I first noticed that in the film, Interstellar, which stars Matthew McConaughey- Who also plays in this film, that at approximately 2:29:00 he says something-like “we sent ourselves”, and then noticed this film – also about a wormhole (the total duration is ~2:29:34). I had seen it first, but didn’t pay as much attention back then.

In this, she begins to drive a car as she has discovered a signal.

Friday was my last night on this route. I noticed Saturday that a street right behind where I delivered at the furthest location has a meaning of “victorious messenger”.

I decided to rent this movie, today, to see what was said about “patterns in chaos”- Referring to a washing machine, and static on television screens, and I am still watching it, looking for more patterns. Driving on IN-37, in this time I associated the number 337 with “light”, and found that the last major intersection before my last drop-off point was IN-337, as well (the last traffic signal, that changes). In Contact, at 3:37, an eye is seen (Jena Malone, as Ellie when she was young). It’s the first eye shown, after showing planets and stars, and in it there is a reflection. To be fair, it is around 3:37 when it can first be seen, but 3:37 is when I may be sure. And around this time, I heard on the television in the other room a commercial for Applebees, with the song, “Hungry Eyes”.