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385W, 385

Sunday, October 1st, 2017,-85.506483,14.74z -

A place where I became aware of passing by 385, first, I saw after I-again looked at the card that I first saw it on (385- unique/associated to one), and took notice of Berries on a plate at the bottom. This was my second-or third time checking, because I try not to obsess over details (to obsess), but then I find things, and want to remember more.  The day that I did this, I noticed the name Berry on a mailbox just before this number (road- 385W, that I drive by– It’s the only one I’ve seen with this number, as a road, consciously). After, there is a power substation by the road, where I found something “Apple” around a power substation- Earlier that day (and again after home). Later in the night I noticed- I think it was, a word- “Appleblossom” on a board-sign under a mailbox of 385, outside of Nashville- Where my car last lost power and came to a stop. I had to get a new alternator. The last time I had to get a new alternator, I posted an image of her- The person this number was first paid attention to with, later, and said at the end that “perhaps I need to pay more attention”.

She is from the same town as Alisha- An ex who has my mother’s maiden name, and who was the “average” by (reduced) gematria of four names that I have connected with a spelling of MASK- By their first initials. This is Henderson, TN, on a part of the Cumberland River that forms a lake. The first time I tried to calculate her name’s gematria, I was on my way to a place with the name- Cumberland, and when I got there, I had this number of miles estimated as the range for my car. I had miscalculated, however, as her middle name has 1 L- Instead of 2.

Anyhow- I also found “Henderson” as a road next to 385W, here. As I may associate Alisha with the word MASK, in some way, Taylor- (385), released something new on the day of the eclipse- After disappearing everything, else on her social-media. This was of the tail of a snake, and on the night before, or morning just after midnight, I saw a license plate as I was leaving the town I was born in, of ZEYTIN. I considered that it was humor on “SATAN”- Meaning obstruction. I now actually checked it out– It is “Olive” in Turkish. I had also considered Alisha to look like “Olive”- From Popeye. When I made this association, or wrote about it first- I found an eye-place (called Eyeconic Eyecare) with my birth-doctor’s last name, McClane (but spelled McClain), on a road where a light had come on on my birthday, or my birthday had just occurred and then I saw it on, on 23rd Street, in Bedford, IN, when seen from IN-37 (the route I have taken since 2012 for my job)– 23 is a number I first started to “see”- Being a first number that I paid attention to, in a way, around Alisha in time. I later found her name has a “sum” of 23- By gematria…Which was also the average sum of the four names. In Taylor’s new video, for her song- “Look What You Made Me Do”, she can be seen with words of “Et tu, Brute?”- I remember on skulls that appeared to have no eyes, with this written where they would be, with her throne. In her video she wears a shirt that has on it words of “Blind Love”. Caesar was stabbed 23 times. I related the name, Caesar, most recently, with “Seizer” (Seizure?). The eclipse may also go with this, and her timing, and the name of this town may go with the eclipse (in sound, “Hinder”+”Sun”). Her first album was released on my dad’s 63rd birthday. I have previously associated her with Islam (do I submit?). Muhammad died at 63. 63 is also a gematria of the first four letters of the names of my four exes, and 162 (matching my birthday of the year).

385, is also, as an area-code, that includes Taylorsville, UT. This is in the Salt Lake area. Taylorsville is with Bennion, and Kearnes. Bennion has meaning that relate to “sturdiness” and may mean an anvil. Kearns may mean “dark”, or “black” (and Taylor, “to cut”). I first related with a variant of the name, Bennion- Eynon, through a female named Isis, and the last time I saw her, I had gone to investigate around a person named Taylor, who I offered a wrist-brace to as she seemed to be with pain in her wrist (at check-out). I saw her between Taylor and I, when I saw Taylor. I had just washed the brace, at my brothers- My first time using someone else’s washing machine in years, and as I washed there I watched a movie called Sing, where her song, “Shake It Off” started to play while an elephant does laundry. The song ended at about 2:29-2:30. I was reminded of the film, Contact, where Ellie Arroway (played by Jodie Foster) is referenced with “searching for patterns in the sounds of a washing machine”- Something to this effect. It was the first I had heard her music in awhile- Some time, months.

Finally- For this, I noticed that at a time of 3:37 in the video for her new song, light is first shown on the front of a jet, right below the window. I had associated light with this number months before (337).



Sunday, October 1st, 2017


an experiment…

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

although I have felt a sense of detachment from this for some time, I still use it as reference:

exes have first names of


These are names that I addressed them by, so sometimes I find writing them like this, and referencing them like this makes sense…

I was lost when I wrote the names down. I was alone. I was suffering with illness. I had been for years. When I saw the first letters as MASK, it seemed to make sense– One of the things that hurt the most was my face. It began hurting when I was with the one, Alisha- Who had my mom’s maiden name, and this name was the average of the four when I calculated the reduced-form gematria of the letters.

The second letters, ALAA, sounds like “Allah”- A name referring to God, and I have been suffering with an idea of being God for some time- I had been, before this. But maybe God is behind it (the illusion). This would seem to make sense.

The third letters are RIRT. Originally- I didn’t know what to make of this one. I still don’t exactly know, but the first relevant result for this combination of letters, when searching the internet, is a school (makes sense! :) ) near Bhopal, India, called the Radharaman Institute of Research and Technology. Radha is a name that means “prosperity”, and she is the companion of Krishna, and Radharaman, unless I am mistaking this, means that she is the love of Krishna.

As I looked closer at the location of this school, I found that it- That Bhopal is the site of the largest industrial accident in history, which involved a gas-leak at a Union Carbide facility, and resulted in the deaths of thousands– Still to this day effecting people. I related this with my sensitivity to chemicals, that has become apparent to me, and is a major source of my difficulty. I have to wear a mask in places that have air “fresheners” (they are not- but they pollute), and avoid contact with people often because they wear things that ‘stink’ (and make my lips burn, or other things).

The fourth letters are ISAI, or ISAH- If I use her full first name. I have related this with ISA- The Islamic/Arabic name for Jesus, or ISAI-AH, or ISAAC. I am not sure. Maybe “is A.I.”- Ha. …Sometimes it feels (or seems) like it.

I haven’t been able to make much of the other letters, so far. I may have at one time– I may need to research my research. But perhaps that there are, or were four, I may try ending at four, for this. This doesn’t mean it ends, but I found that the gematria for the first four letters of the four names may come to 162, which matches the day of the year I was born- June 11th. A reduced-form gematria for the letters is 63, which is a number that has occurred more than once, to me, and it is the age at which Muhammad died. I know the relation is not even, however, between these two. Just thoughts.

*Why I initially wrote this post: I searched “Radha”, and saw in a search a suggestion to see Radha Mitchell- An actress, who I first saw in the movie, Pitch Black, and most recently in a movie called The Shack- Where a man visits God, who Nan- His wife, played by Radha, called Papa. As I watched the film, I related with it, and considered that this man was in-fact experiencing as “God”, himself- Seeing representations of his spirit, as these others. I wasn’t yet aware of Radha, or who she was, playing in this film, but I had called God “”, prior, many times. PAPA. It was sort of a coincidence (perhaps not just one) that ‘papa’ also means “dad”, or is representative of a father. It was just that when it came down to it, thinking of this primordial…one, I would sound “PA”, at times.

I became curious about her name (Radha’s), and found her full name, Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell, has a possible gematria of 288, and 162. I recently went to Oxford, Ohio, where I was born, and got Chipotle,  and I ate in front of a place called The Vines. The order number for my meal was 288 (it was the first I had eaten there, from this place, or in years from any other), which as a number relates in Hebrew gematria with “288 fallen sparks” ( When I found the number from her name, having first associated this person as acting in the film ‘Pitch Black’ and the number first related to “sparks” (link), this hit in some way. 288 according to Strong’s Concordance goes with a grapevine (, and by/through this, relates to Jesus Christ. I didn’t park in front of The Vines with knowledge, that day. I went there because there was shade.

Bhopal, where the school is (RIRT), a route of 23- The first number that I paid attention to (on a level) flows straight down from the north. Alisha’s name in a way can be found on the only significant island on the lake there, of ‘Shah Ali Shah’. Her name has a gematria of 23 (reduced), and now her last name also has a gematria of 23, as well. She was where I began to see the number 23, as well. She was from Hendersonville, TN. I have related this with the way it sounds, recently, as HINDER+SUN (obstruction, shade… With “MASK”, but I don’t intend to associate these things as absolute positive or absolute negative- Something needs to block the way sometimes, to see, or be anything).