The name of one, who occupies my mind (often…)

the first person I “ran into”, having to adjust trajectory- We stumbled around each other, she had her name. She was an employee, at the check-out, at Kroger.

I saw a tattoo of an angel on a woman’s arm on the way out of the last place I went, also, and then parked next to me was a vehicle with a license plate number of 610 and letters VEX. A man was inside of it, and a woman was beside him in a pink sweater with angel wings on the back. This was the next angel-image after the other angel-image. The man with the woman with the tattoo gazed outside, into the light- It looked like. Inside as I saw my image on the screen, just prior to this, I related with someone not wanting their image shown- Muhammad (I simply found my image hideous). 610 I closely associate with him, as the year he began to receive his, or whatever occurred, claimed to be of an angel, message/revelation.

Inside, the first pink I took actual notice of was a woman wearing a sweater, that said something about “pink” and “power”. I had just picked up, just before seeing her, some organic bananas, which were marked with pink labels. There were so many organic ones left, and hardly no conventional. This- I found to be annoying, and reflected poorly on choices of people. Organic bananas are not that expensive, especially considering the crap that people actually spend their money on.

My thoughts before I found myself adjusting myself around the one with the name of one that has been on my mind, were about “chopping block”. Her name means “to cut”. I hope so much of this is cut-out, in the end.

I had, earlier, considered how Abraham was troubled/wrestling with “demons” (I’m not really sure what to call it). (I may test this idea). He had a voice tell him to sacrifice his son. Then, when he was about to do it, the voice said to stop. I would have said “fuck you” to the voice, to begin with, but, I am not in his shoes (or sandals), so many years ago, with his troubles, and his life- But I know what is right and what is wrong, and…”FUCK YOU” (this is my child). I brought this up because many try to discredit Muhammad based on his own psychic-troubles. I offer that we are all struggling in this life (and the is part of it- A big part of it), to navigate the path- The way. I don’t know. I don’t claim to hear God, but GOD is HERE, in, and as my heart- I know, and I trust nothing, and no-one. I can’t even confirm that anything else exists besides myself. So why, would I, trust…anything other? I test myself. I test spirits. I do respect what has been, seemingly, and what is relevant, and what has become…Perhaps like I respect the creature I hunt, or am hunted by. I try to learn. I try to acquire from, what I can use. Spear-it, chew all… taste. Hmm.

*After Taylor (“to cut”)- The first name I encountered, coming to a halt near, I read the name Tina, which is short for Christina (Christ said he comes not to bring peace, but a sword, but not to limit this word), and then on the way out, Drew. The Taylor who has been in my mind has a mother named Andrea (Drew is short for), and she recently, after I wrote about her with regard to marriage, attended her friend’s wedding, who was also with a form of this name as her last name. My sister, who lives right on Taylor Road, or just off, on Lakeside, in Columbus, IN, I get to her house by taking the Taylorsville/Edinburgh/Columbus exit. Her last name is now Andress. My ex’s ex before be was also named Drew. Jesus said he will come quickly. Taylor’s last name is Swift. As I was “obstructed” by Taylor, today, Taylor Swift added some media, after deleting all of her old, on her social media, on the day of the solar eclipse, and she is from Hendersonville, (“Hinder Sun”?)- Where an ex with my mother’s maiden name (Finch) was also from. This ex had a name that was by a gematria the “average” of four names that were names of my serious exes, and the first letters of which may spell MASK, and the second letters may sound out ALAA. 385- A number that I encountered or paid first-attention to uniquely through Taylor, through finding myself “arrested” in a position in front of her image on a card (not seeing her at first, then seeing her), then investigating, I first run across this number near my home very near a road called Henderson. The media that she added on the day of the eclipse was of the “tail” of a snake. The morning before the eclipse, I had been in Oxford, Ohio, where I was born, investigating, and had found her name in places. I had been stumbling on things, relating with her, in the weeks/months prior. I didn’t intend to, as I considered her too far, or perhaps myself not relevant to her– Not that I made judgments of/about her. I accepted her as a human being, who is talented. As I left Oxford this night, the last information I remember processing that was something of a spike in my attention was a license plate on a car that drove by- The last that I saw before leaving town, which read ZEYTIN. I took this as a humorous take on “Satan”- meaning “obstruction”. I don’t want to consider her an “obstruction”, as in bad. I don’t. I love her, but this is more of a love as in, I don’t want to hurt her, and don’t want others to hurt her (or her to be harmed). This is not really anything absolutely special- Not that she is not, but I can’t expect that I would be, or should occupy any special position, to her, or that I should (or want to be, really, currently, as I am, this messed up state that I’m in, and weak in respects) known.

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    610- I connect closely with in mind, or feel it ‘close’ – My language may need to be a bit better – Because my birthday I relate with the number 611, as 6/11- June 11th. 611 is also a gematria of “Torah” in Hebrew. Moses also gave 611 commandments, according to some sources (this seems to be the most commonly accepted interpretation).

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