The last night of my route

My route, that I have done since about 2012 in some form or another, Friday was my last night, ending this morning.

At this location- Outside of Nashville, IN, I found a number (385) that I first found through attention to one, after I questioned what it meant to her that day – when my car lost power, and this is where it stopped, just after this address. The address is across the street here, on the left side, but I managed to stop at this location, where the picture is taken here- On the other side. I had also associated the number of the address that can be seen in this image to her (270), through erroneously calculating a gematria previously of her name + my name; The number I still (last) associated with her.

This was my last night, and as I was here- The last time I may be there, or that I will surely be, I saw that the number that is isolated in front of me – that changes – that I can’t help but to pay attention to (because it tells me how much distance until I need to refuel that I have), the number that showed up here (237) was one that I had also connected with my association of her, through her name, as this is a gematria of it, if she had my last name.

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