Last night, also

There was a light that came on at 23rd Street in Bedford, IN, on the road I took to go to Paoli, IN, for my route, and it came on on around my birthday. I had found some other things/relationships with this light, and associated it with light (not to say other things/places/numbers/etc. aren’t, or can’t be). The last time I went through it, the time was 1:06 A.M., and the range for my vehicle read 165. 165 may be a gematria of one of the females that I have found attraction to, and 66 (from 1:06) is another gematria (using a reduced form of the same method, which entails a simple correspondence of A=1, Z=26, but one lets Z be 26, and one further reduces 26 to 8, adding 2 to 6, and adding as 8).

I saw this person in a show, where she plays a kind of android, called a “host”.

The numbers here are simply fantasy– They aren’t “real”, as I may have come to associate them this way; They are her name if she had my last name. I may have found correspondences with my thoughts in the world as it unfolds, and although I can’t dismiss them, or these people, absolutely, I also can’t really give a lot to this, as in, any expectation. But in the moment, it’s something to attach to (I’m blind). I don’t mean to dismiss, but I can’t come with expectation, with this, to her.

Perhaps in a way, I do marry them. We make our experiences. This doesn’t mean I plan to tie them down (as if I can, in this way), but it’s a kind of ‘dance’, perhaps. Not that if the route wasn’t apparent, that I wouldn’t explore it. I don’t mean to disrespect, with any conclusions, or assumptions.

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