Yesterday I wrote a post, and commented four times on it (so far). In one of them, I related the name Bonnie– I remembered that I had as a child thought it sounded like “Bunny”, and reminded me of it. The name seemed sexual. Bonnie- A nurse at a place called Bell _____ borrowed my pen, and I think she may have kept it, unless I did get it back, but I don’t know. She was on the phone as she signed for meds. My aunt Bonnie this day had also picked up her car from my dad, as he waxed it for her. Her license plate begins in RXJ. I thought about this, with “prescriptions”. The name seemed sexual, as a child, though I don’t remember associating it with Playboy– Maybe it was the fertility symbol of it, or the energy that somehow made it through. Her husband, my uncle (blood) was named Dick, which was a confusing name to hear growing up, sometimes. Not that I couldn’t differentiate.

Tonight was my last night on this route that I have been doing, for years. I am switching to a new route Monday- A new facility. At the first stop, I noticed tubing was exposed in the ceiling, as a tile had been removed. I thought about how I had hit the raccoon yesterday, which took off the tubing for the air-filter, and this occurred right around my first serious girlfriend’s, Katie’s old house (where, I also remember a hose springing a leak, with her, driving my dad’s Austin Healey). There was a new CNA in this building- Her name was Kati—something, and she had a nose-ring. I experimented in my mind… “knows, ring”- As in, when you “know”- When something is registered, it “rings” a bell. I also related with the shape of it, and the tubing, being circular. She was also cute, and had a pleasant smile, and energy. The nurse here, last name White- I think, was happy I brought meds for a patient with the name Gray- And another (I don’t remember). She said I deserved a pay-raise, in fun.

At the next stop- At Bell, I had picked up before in Bloomington- The same town as the facility, medications for a patient with a name of two people I wrote about just prior to work- Barton and Richardson– I had had a dream about a Bart, who has stolen from me in the dream, and I related him with a person named Richard. The birthday of the patient was 2/19- A date that I associate, or the numbers rather I associate with a verse in the Bible about Moses lifting the serpent up on the pole. Some numbers aligned around here, such as 230, 229, 228, 227, 226… And times. I don’t really feel like mentioning a lot, but the time I got there was, if written instead with a / instead of a : between the numbers, is, as a date, one I first connected with a person named Grey. Gray was the first name I read tonight, on orders…

At the last stop, the range-number in my car was 184. This is a gematria of my mother’s name, written, but I first found it through one that a voice said was my wife, adding my name to hers (in place of hers- Last name), and calculating a gematria. I had one tote going to this facility- To a unit called S.T.A.R.S.

Backing up, on the way, a voice said something about wanting my “paste” in ‘her’. The nurse here when I got there excitedly asked a question- “Where is Whiteland?!”, and I told her that it was just below Greenwood- By Indianapolis. She is interested in going to a wine-tasting at a winery there tomorrow. She then offered me a pastry, asking me if I wanted a “pastry” (I don’t hear this word often, but it came right after hearing it as a voice). It was very white/light.

As I left, the last nurse I would have contact with asked me if I saw the bunny. The nurse where I had been had found two baby rabbits in her yard. One had died, and she was bottle-feeding this one. She said she might have been keeping it warm between her breasts.

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  1. admin says:

    The man- Who I mentioned in my last post, who tried to define things around me, and offer advice (I didn’t ask), I had first seen writing about man-hole covers, that he thought looked like labyrinths.

    Tonight as I drove I considered how the man-hole covers go into sewers, and pipes/tubing.

    My first adult-age (young adult, middle school, but pubescent) girlfriend- Her last name might mean “Labyrinth”, according to a speaker of the language that the name comes from. I got my first car from her father, while I had her mother for English (this was years after I was her “boyfriend” for a couple of weeks), while my main teacher in English had a child.

    • admin says:

      I also remembered- I still remember this first, as a dream (my first dream that I can remember, in life)… It involved duct-work, and my father, and perhaps me, trying to capture a ball. I remember it fell down a well. It was pink, and rubber looking. But then I remember it being in an air conditioning duct, and tubing. My dad was in a kind of old-fashioned diving suit.

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