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Friday, September 29th, 2017

I thought of a person- Named Book earlier today. I hadn’t thought of him in some time/I haven’t heard from him in months. He called me as I was getting back to the pharmacy, just before my last turn, or perhaps as I made it, he ended his call (Crosspoint). I had heard something on the radio about the Dead Sea Scrolls- It was a show about it on NPR. I haven’t been listening to the radio much the past couple of days, as I’m trying to filter things. I turned this show on about as I was on my way back through Bloomington, from Paoli- Where I had first heard about it coming on. I turned the radio on just before I stopped to use the restroom- Where I often stop to go at a S.C.U.B.A. training place, and as I got back in the car from there, the people talking referenced water- Being drenched, in their underwear, and having been in the water or around it.

I deactivated my social media accounts today, for a number of reasons– Instagram I got tired of seeing images of females that turned me on (and it made it difficult for me to unfollow select ones), and Facebook – a man disrespected me by offering unsolicited advice. I had woken up to dogs barking like mad- Like I haven’t heard in recent memory, and as I opened up Facebook, I related these dogs barking with the “barking” of people lately on there, on certain issues, and also my own addiction or use of it to talk to communicate; I was mad that the dogs were chattering, and then felt a kind of reflection occur- Maybe I just don’t understand their language… This was when I opened my post after seeing the notification of comment, by this man. In ways, I considered the dogs barking a gift, considering how I felt about his “barking”, judging the way I process, assuming he understands, or is in a position to give advice to me on this.

The first place I went to on my route- Stop 1 of 3, this time being Nashville first, I noticed the first fruit that I noticed was a fig bar. I related this with the hidden/concealing (and deactivation of my accounts).

The man had challenged my use of numbers- Of gematria, in stories of ‘synchronicity’, and on the way to Nashville, numbers 347, in a position where I often reference with, seemingly, or pay attention to them there as they are isolated, aligned in timing/placement with a road/exit with a name of one I associate the number to, as it is the day of the year she was born on. The first time I saw a name of hers today, it was near I-74, as I crossed I-74 on the loop, I-465, it was coming the other direction, also crossing by. My aunt, who was born 7/4, was at the house today, picking up her car that my dad waxed, which has a license plate beginning with RX. The man- Who had angered me earlier, brought of the “process of individuation”. I kind of related this with, after coming offline- From social media, setting myself apart from it, and then this, as well. My aunt’s name is Bonnie, and at the second place I went to, called Bell, I had to wait an unusual amount of time for a nurse, named Bonnie, to sign in for the medications. She was on the phone. She also asked me if she could use my pen, and she kept it- I realized later. As I had pulled into there, there was a car in timing with my turn, oncoming, with a forward-facing plate reading KRIS 7. I related 7 as a T, or as what some may relate as a T, if they experiment with exchanging letters for numbers. The 7 was separate from the letters. At the third stop, Paoli, I had to ring the door-bell. I never have to do this (maybe one time that I may remember in the years I have done this route). It was locked, and I immediately related with how I had gone into a kind of lock-down/lock-out, of things, including music, and the social media.

I considered as I drove back from Paoli, about a place where I hit a raccoon, at 2:38 A.M. a night awhile back, where I was relating the number with a girl, named Genevieve- And how I later found this number to also be a gematria of (238) the name of the one mentioned earlier in this post (347th day of the year born, this number seen around the exit/road with her name- Taylor). The night I hit the raccoon there was something about “bandit” that came to mind, and I made a “visor” shape around my eyes, making a “slit” with my hands, as I drove, as I was again trying to filter, and only see what I needed to (task at hand). I was trying to filter information about her out- Not in offense to her, but I didn’t know what to do with it, especially where I was. Tonight, it didn’t happen with correlation with any numbers that I immediately recognized, or paid attention to, but a raccoon ran out into the road near my first serious ex-girlfriend’s home, as I drove home from work, and I hit it about there. I lost what seems to be the air-intake hose around there. She was the beginning of what I later associated with a word of “mask”- She was the first relationship of four serious ones- The ones I have had, and their initials I noticed after them spelled “mask”-backwards. I had just written the previous day about things (numbers…) being in “reverse”- some things, and on the way back through, earlier, I-74, where I saw Taylor’s last name -first (Swift) in the day, I noticed a Semi Truck was being towed, it being in reverse here facing me, and then just after, at 2:38 (corresponding with her written name’s gematria in some form, of 238) I passed Washington St.

Raccoon, mask- near the beginning, or at the beginning. I remember being there at her house, now, where I drove my dad’s Austin Healy and we drove around that day (the one time we did in this car), and a radiator hose sprung a leak there. This was the only time I remember such an occurrence.

I had driven by a place, 385W- 385 are numbers in this combination I first associated with her, as I saw it on a card by her, and tonight just before I hit the raccoon, here the time was 3:47. 347 may also correlate with other numbers, and things, related to the past (as she has/does), such as 227 (through time, 3:47 is 227 minutes), the gematria of the first names as I spoke them, but written, of these first relationships, and my mother’s birthday is 2/27, and first home was at an address of Vine St, 908 (2x2x227). 22/7 is an approximation of Pi…

The day also began with a number, 75, which can be a gematria of her name, where 347 aligned with her name.

I understand this may be hard to read. I may reformat. I may not. This is mostly for me, although I am trying to make it understandable.

*I forgot, also, that the entrance ramp to 465 was blocked this day, where I get back on after picking up for work.