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Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- the most recent season on Netflix available. Around the same day, or a day after, or so, Stan Lee’s, who wrote the story- beginning this story, wife died.

I took a picture of a car at the end of a night of work with a license plate of ANDROID. I also earlier that day posted pictures of Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, going up to the number 6 Cylon (blond), coming from thinking of Battlestar Galactica…

In this season of S.H.I.E.L.D.- a scientist has created an Android. Her role has been in attention.

I edited the post before this to add a report of a sync with watching this show with something in that post, and I went to check again, after I thought again about the ‘android’ coincidences/syncs, and then in confirming the other, saw a flashback from the previous episode at the end of it where Agent May feels in a wound and seems to feel/see metal, like she is also an Android.

227 in order of awareness

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

1. Gematria possible of 227 and 92 (and through other methdods, others, but this is common/related):


2. 2/27 is mother’s birthday. After I recognized that these names (exes from when I had girlfriends- above) have a possible sum of 227 if written as I spoke them, and calculated using number of alphabetical placement, I felt that 227 was familiar, which led to [re]discovery that she was born 2/27. Of anyone in my life, I remember she got really emotionally upset because one time we forgot her birthday (mainly at dad, probably). I don’t remember anyone becoming so emotional over this, but I also don’t remember anyone’s birthday having been forgotten like this. I was maybe about 12.

3. Perhaps the third was Donna Price- Who I wrote about in the previous entry. I met her 226 days after my 26th birthday, and on the 227th we went to a book-store together, her putting her hand on my shoulder while I looked at a chapter in a book about the letter- E, the first letter I learned that I can remember (in the memory my mom is behind me in the direction Donna was, left shoulder), and that night we made eye-contact in a kind of ‘thing’ for an extended period of minutes. It was something that she wanted to do. Her name by gematria written-English with my last name replacing Price can go to 184, which also matched my mother’s name’s gematria (184). A voice told me she was my wife pretty much as soon as we met- When she asked me who/what I was (husband, “your her husband- she’s your wife”).

Edit/addition: I was contacted by a Donna a few moments ago. She is the only other Donna I know other than this one (and other than a family member). I met her right after her. I am not often contacted by her. It has been perhaps a year or more. She wanted to know Book’s number.

Donna as I related her with numbers that I have found related to my mother- Right after this, I began to watch Shield, and agent Coleson says “milk”, beginning the episode. Milk was prominent in the statement. A metaphor. She lived next to MLK park. Her ex- Who she talked about, was Cole. Donna who contacted me is Black- As is Book. And tonight/today I saw with frequency black/white couples. I think I saw more black/white couples than any others. And in Spiderman, which I just saw, his love-interests are also black (which is new).

4. Zena Grey- I separated her last name, ‘Grey’, into “Black”+”White”, calculating them this way (alphabetical placement correspondence). I have found other ways to relate.

(Ah, Ross Kelly, and others… I have to edit this later)

5. Genevieve Angelson- Full name with my last name, gematria can be 227. I noticed her 227 weeks after 12/21/2012…

Wonder Woman

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

I’ve written about this a few times- mainly on Facebook…where I saw ‘syncing’ in Wonder Woman (what I wrote about).

I mentioned another girl, mainly, and others, but one matches in a way uniquely.

Where Wonder Woman chooses her disguise-outfit, she goes through 226 outfits- before Steven Trevor comes back and finishes the one she is wearing, which looks like what he is wearing, by putting glasses on her. I considered this due to the proximity of 226 to 227- a number I have found related to “women” in my life, to be something about 227. Also 22/7 is an approximation of Pi, and the spectacles, lenses, this Pi would seem to be something to that- to understanding them.

I related this number other ways, to others, and another specifically. I also met one who looked like her (another specifically- and another, but they all look like themselves), 226 days after my 26th birthday, and then the next night she had us make eye-contact for minutes, which was the longest sustained eye-contact I have had with someone. There were other things about eyes with her. Eyes, ice? In ways. Sees. Seize. Hmm. Anyways…

I just wanted to write about meeting her 226 days after my 26th birthday, and the eyes. And the 226 outfits. She was also a stripper/exotic-dancer (my first connection consciously to 227 involved letters MASK).

I thought that she confirmed that I was Christ. Now I’m not even sure I believe in anything, except God.

…He put a “ring” on her?
And he gave her a watch.
He sees her…

Out fit. My first home had an address of 908 Vine. 908 is 227×4.


Saturday, July 8th, 2017

reality would be that i think i want to go to sleep. i don’t want to dramatically exit, but i don’t really want to process this.

if there is anyone that had an idea for me, or expected me to function some way, please move on. i have nothing for you.