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1411- I had associated this image to Islam, somehow

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

I don’t mean to claim a religion as truth, as I haven’t fully studied them, but the basic message of when Muhammad found that “God is One”, and that the only path was submission to God (or the best path. . . I’m not sure of the language right now), I agree with.

It was perhaps timing that I arranged this image as it is, that leads me to associate it with Muhammad. Or that led me to. It was also other ways of calculation around it, and related associations…

14 and 11 can be found from the individual lines that can make up the left and right parts in the image. [2 4 3] (14 individual lines), [1 6 7] (11). A way I had calculated before led me to find the number 159 (4×23 + 1×67…)- Which I have also found with Muhammad, as he died on the 159th day of the year, but I first found it with a female- Donna, whose written name can calculate to this in gematria. She was the first person I imagined to wear a veil, that I remember. She I later found was born on the day of an annular (ring) solar eclipse. She was born on a day that is also the birthday of the man who bought the lease to the World Trade Center shortly before it was attacked. He was at a dermatologist appointment that day, so survived (he was usually there). Skin, she was also a stripper. She relates to a lot more, including my father (?), mother, and in ways, many others (and more than I can know – I hope people don’t think I am trying to really nail it down or that if I am trying, that I think I’m able to succeed, I’m just trying to put it together in a way that isn’t bad).

Anyhow, she relates to the number 159. Muhammad I later found relates to the number 159. She relates to my friend (sharing two of her names with him, in form, and reversed)- An earliest most consistent best friend, in ways, who learned Arabic, and works in communications (and she bought a book our first night together called Transmission). She voiced concerns with Muslims/Islam, which she claimed came from spirit/spirits? This seemed to be the only tradition she voiced concern for, and it was before I had paid much of any attention to it, consciously.

I have been seeing the number 422 come up a lot. I associate it with someone with a name of someone who creates an outfit/suit- Taylor. It is a main road where she is from- Reading. The last picture I took before new tires was of a plate with the number 422, and the tires have this 422 on them…This goes much deeper, I need to take a break and maybe come back. I am also not saying it goes deeper with her, or that it doesn’t, or that that deeper is of any definition that needs to be applied to. We carry each other, in ways. Messages carry. Even if just on another wave? Neither personal nor impersonal…but admittedly the connection of such earthly power and celebrity and this is awkward. Anyway. I found that a date that some say Muhammad was born on was April 22 (4/22), 571. This is 1411 years before I was born. And if it was another date in or around 571, it still seems that we were born 1411 years apart.