Earlier today I saw a man wearing a shirt with what looked like Pokemon

He was very tall. Older than me. “Got to catch them all?” I wondered. I am not very into or into at all many things. maybe i take myself too seriously. or life. but I do find I learn things when I am open, and there is more than I allow myself to see. perhaps in ways it is as if I am like .. perhaps there are husks. like. this world has so many things. so many choices. the husk in a way represents a choice. once a seed doesn’t have it, it is either being eaten, or it’s on it’s way to becoming something, where-ever it is. the husk would allow it to be carried. like a container. once it’s out, it’s in the care of the “handler”. And this is the last place, more or less. But it continues, but I’m not there yet. I can’t claim to see. Though I know there is more. I have seen more here.

(maybe it’s not a choice, but more like lock and key, cause and effect, dominoes, mechanistic– naturally there are conditions which must be met for seeds to germinate- and for their boundaries to dissolve)

Anyways, I saw Spiderman with my brother, and for the first time he brought his son (2nd-3rd grade?) with him with us. The timing of being with a child was also something to me. Coincidence in timing. Of sorts. I wouldn’t say ha-ha. i would honestly struggle to understand.

After it, pulling out onto the main road, I was first behind this car, seeing it in the movement out. PIKA2. Pikachu? The color matched, to some degree (it was more yellowish/gold than this image- which seems very bright orange using this display). It had a black stripe I think, with breaks around the doors. It ended up turning next to Copper Ridge (a place with a sign) on the way back. It’s color seemed to match (Copper). I noticed this place on the way.

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